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ownerMarton Ivan
last changeMon, 14 Feb 2011 13:03:49 +0000 (14:03 +0100)
2011-02-14 Ivan MartonFixing generated script (purging /tmp and replacing... master
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonFixing some label and comment
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonMy notes :-)
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonCreating new CA with fixed DN
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding shib_auth module as a dependecy
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding administration page and make default values...
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonTurn everything into configurable
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding variables to uninstall hook
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonRedesigning envoriment checking and error handling
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonFixing slcs admin page access attributes
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding system variables to uninstall hook
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonFixing downloadable files, adding CA cert
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding certificate regeneration option and improving...
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonAdding drupal module initial version
2011-02-03 Ivan MartonSerious changes in the proof-of-concept PHP code
2011-02-02 Ivan MartonInitial version of certificate signer PHP script
10 years ago master