2011-01-05 DorionFixed csv expot to excel master
2010-10-11 DorionFixed the endpoint montly and yearly statistics CVS...
2010-09-12 DorionFixed gatekeeper text.
2010-08-26 DorionFixed some typo and the GDS csv export.
2010-08-24 DorionJhonny changes.
2010-06-25 DorionChanged usage query, removed kapcsolattarto database...
2010-06-25 DorionChanged menu titles.
2010-06-25 DorionFixed charts upper margin.
2010-06-21 DorionChanged NIIF videoconference service monthly utilizatio...
2010-06-21 DorionChanged Voip vidkonf stat.
2010-06-16 DorionChanged vidkonf montly and yearly usage charts.
2010-06-15 DorionChanged GDS usage.
2010-06-15 DorionChanged VCR usage.
2010-06-15 DorionChanged VoIP call montly usage.
2010-06-15 DorionChanged MCU call montly usage.
2010-06-15 DorionFixed some typo.
2010-06-15 DorionFixed Hungarian translation
2010-05-27 DorionAdded hungarian translation file.
2010-05-27 DorionFixed error message.
2010-05-27 DorionFixed error message.
2010-05-27 DorionChanged un traslatable string to translatable.
2010-05-27 DorionFixed Vidkonf titles in the menu.
2010-05-27 DorionFixed menu.
2010-05-27 DorionRemoved iiradmin from vip modul directory.
2010-05-27 DorionIIR admin changes.
2010-05-17 DorionFixed db links.
2010-05-17 Dorion Initial commit