2010-03-10 Adam LantosAdd cache directory option to module settings master
2010-03-10 Adam LantosAdd exact attribute to match types.
2010-03-10 Adam LantosFix regular expression escaping.
2009-05-18 hegeFixed double-escaping issues, see ticket #16.
2009-05-12 hegeAdded sanity check hook
2009-05-12 hegePhp documentation revised, see ticket #4.
2009-05-06 hegeCall contructor in Attributes meta-filter, fixes a...
2009-05-06 hegeChange attribute-replace configuration schematics to...
2009-05-06 hegeRenamed EduGainConverter meta-module to Attributes.
2009-05-05 hegeKeep filter rules order, see ticket #13.
2009-05-05 hegeFilter implementation basics, see ticket #8.
2009-05-05 hegeRenamed test cases
2009-05-04 hegeCleaned up the main eduGAINConverter filter class,...
2009-05-04 hegePulled up common converter and filter methods to edugai...
2009-05-04 hegeRenamed AttributeConverter.xsl to AttributeMangling...
2009-05-04 hegeAdded filter conversion rules to the xsl, see ticket #7.
2009-05-04 hegeJavadoc for cache disabling.
2009-05-04 hegeAdded optional cache disabling feature suitable for...
2009-05-04 hegeCleanup php warnings.
2009-04-30 hegeSupport edugain remote-local mapping to simplesaml...
2009-04-30 hegeEduGAINConverter metafilter added, see ticket #6.
2009-04-30 hegeRename plugin to edugain, step2
2009-04-30 hegeRename plugin to edugain, step1