descriptionNoc alap modul a CRM rendszerbe belepok authentikalasahoz
ownerKiss Zoltan
last changeThu, 28 Oct 2010 09:33:35 +0000 (11:33 +0200)
2010-10-28 Kiss Zoltanminor change in db name master
2010-10-26 Kiss ZoltanGoing online... A few other minor changes...
2010-10-25 Kiss ZoltanMean error corrected... generated duplicates in db
2010-10-14 Kiss ZoltanEdited to delete roles only, when we delete a user
2010-10-12 Kiss Zoltanformatted a little bit
2010-10-12 Kiss ZoltanChanged pretty much everything - removed debug lines...
2010-10-12 Kiss Zoltanedited views : added non-ajax paging
2010-10-12 Kiss Zoltaneliminated some bugs regarding user edit
2010-09-28 Kiss ZoltanUser modification was all wrong... rewritten, should...
2010-09-10 Kiss Zoltanmore deletion support
2010-09-10 Kiss Zoltannode/user delete now works
2010-09-09 Kiss ZoltanRepaired regen func, still the whole module is very...
2010-09-08 Kiss ZoltanRebuild function added manage permissions perm. needed...
2010-09-01 Kiss ZoltanMinor fix to avoid errors when logging in
2010-09-01 Kiss ZoltanTypo
2010-09-01 Kiss ZoltanCode tidying
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