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2013-09-17 dorionMove files into its right place. master
2013-09-17 dorionRemove unused duplicate files.
2013-09-17 dorionRemove unused duplicate file.
2013-09-16 dorionChang live template to more dinamicly.
2013-07-22 dorionMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-07-22 dorionAdd new version xsd and xsd validator for the xmls.
2013-07-10 dorionAuto layout function implementation.
2013-07-10 dorionRefactor _conf_status functon content
2013-07-10 dorionSome code and documetation improvement.
2013-04-17 dorionFixed data table name in reservation create process.
2013-04-17 dorionCommit missing conflict resolving in
2013-04-16 dorionDelete unused library files
2013-04-16 dorionMerge branch 'TCS_integration'
2013-04-16 dorionAdded auto layout. TCS_integration
2013-04-15 dorionBig refactoring
2013-04-15 dorionTemplates refctoring and display encrypted type.
9 years ago mcu_booking-1.5 First verison with TCS integration.
7 years ago master
7 years ago TCS_integration