2013-09-17 dorionMove files into its right place. master
2013-09-17 dorionRemove unused duplicate files.
2013-09-17 dorionRemove unused duplicate file.
2013-09-16 dorionChang live template to more dinamicly.
2013-07-22 dorionMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-07-22 dorionAdd new version xsd and xsd validator for the xmls.
2013-07-10 dorionAuto layout function implementation.
2013-07-10 dorionRefactor _conf_status functon content
2013-07-10 dorionSome code and documetation improvement.
2013-04-17 dorionFixed data table name in reservation create process.
2013-04-17 dorionCommit missing conflict resolving in
2013-04-16 dorionDelete unused library files
2013-04-16 dorionMerge branch 'TCS_integration'
2013-04-16 dorionAdded auto layout. TCS_integration
2013-04-15 dorionBig refactoring
2013-04-15 dorionTemplates refctoring and display encrypted type.
2013-04-15 dorionRemoved the beautyXML class file.
2013-04-15 dorionRemoved unused xml formatter library use instade built...
2013-04-12 dorionChange templates path
2013-04-11 dorionRedesigned the MCU communication API directory structure
2012-12-12 dorionFixed wrong xml mapping.
2012-12-07 dorionAdded fixed xml to the new mcu API version.
2012-11-19 dorionFixed typo and wrong static data in the histori list.
2012-10-24 dorionFixed date displaing in the conference details view.
2012-10-19 dorionRenamed tables.
2012-10-16 dorionRemoved access bypass from meeting room crate menu.
2012-10-10 dorionChanged from conf_num_id to reservation mysql id the...
2012-09-28 dorionFixed issue 2499 can modify can modify reservation...
2012-09-28 dorionFixed issue 2498 which changed used conf_num_id to...
2012-06-26 dorionAdded confirmation form to recording delete workflow
2012-06-22 dorionAdded back link to the players pages.
2012-06-13 dorionFixed wrong recording handling.
2012-05-22 dorionFixed access bypass, #2223
2012-05-09 dorionFixed lecture mode mapping and changed the meeting...
2012-05-08 dorionUpdated hungarian translations.
2012-05-08 dorionFixed andvanced layout help text.
2012-05-08 dorionFixed the recordings view label orders and added more...
2012-05-08 dorionFixed and refractored the DB handling functions.
2012-05-08 dorionFixed conference status displaying.
2012-04-20 dorionCommented var_dump in file.
2012-04-20 dorionBackported the DTMF fix to the before version of the...
2012-04-19 dorionFixed recordings anomalies.
2012-04-18 dorionRenamed mcu_reservation_teszt table to mcu_reservation.
2012-04-18 dorionFixed ongoing conference delete history logging.
2012-04-18 dorionFixed configuration usage and fixed DTMF password unnec...
2012-04-18 dorionFixed coding standars.
2012-04-17 dorionFixed queued status displaying.
2012-04-17 dorionChanged from conf_id to conf_num_id
2012-04-17 dorionReplaced the recording request title from API test...
2012-03-28 dorionFixed typo.
2012-03-28 dorionRemoved reservation overlay message ind the template...
2012-03-27 dorionFixed and improved menu items and paths.
2012-03-27 dorionFixed pager query and the file download checking.
2012-03-23 dorionFixed indentation.
2012-03-23 dorionChanged the recordings and the live lists order.
2012-03-23 dorionRenamed the API file.
2012-03-23 dorionAdded new API versionAdded new API version.
2012-03-22 dorionFixed conference PIN code displaying, and added entry... mcu_booking-1.5
2012-03-22 dorionFixed and improved Hungarian traslation.
2012-03-22 dorionAdded a new recording status
2012-03-21 dorionFixed meeting room form to is impossible set stream...
2012-03-21 dorionFixed ongoing conference modifier form validation process.
2012-03-21 dorionFixed conference password data insertion.
2012-03-21 dorionChanged the DTMF functionality and some related issues.
2012-03-21 dorionFixed unsupported HTML tag in the Hungarian translation.
2012-03-21 dorionAdded new Hungarian translation.
2012-03-13 dorionFixed email template display user real name fallback...
2012-03-13 dorionModified video scaling from scle to fit.
2012-03-13 dorionFixed ongoing modification wrong validation sequence.
2012-03-13 dorionFixed issue #1991. Sort the downloadable files by resol...
2012-03-06 dorionFixed missing quotation marks.
2012-03-06 dorionFixed chair and entry password set-up.
2012-03-06 dorionThis is part of the before commit.
2012-03-06 dorionFixed VoD embeded code text area label, and added...
2012-02-28 dorionFixed embeded code link generation in the recording...
2012-02-27 dorionAddded VoD embeded mode.
2012-02-23 dorionFixed issue #1826. Watch the conference status changing.
2012-02-23 dorionFixed live emebeded menu callback function name and...
2012-02-23 dorionFixed layout image file extension.
2012-02-23 dorionFixed issue #1827. Created live embedded option.
2012-02-20 dorionFixed #1830 issue, improved conference details page...
2012-02-14 dorionImproved live and ondemand video url generation.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded common validation for the forms and added live...
2012-02-14 dorionImproved end time resolving with a function.
2012-02-14 dorionRewrited recordings remover functionality.
2012-02-14 dorionFixed ongoing conference API terminate callback.
2012-02-14 dorionFixed terminated conference duration value updating.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded recording remove functionality.
2012-02-14 dorionChanged VCR participant attributumes.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded a new version of the API wrapper.
2012-02-14 dorionImproved recording listing.
2012-02-14 dorionImproved player pages view.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded live link creator function and removed unusefull...
2012-02-14 dorionFixed mcu_participant_add parameters list.
2012-02-14 dorionFixed wrong sql update.
2012-02-14 dorionBig reconstruction of the directory structure.
2012-02-14 Your NameAdded the player splash image.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded big file download with XSendFile apache module.
2012-02-14 dorionAdded live page and listing.
2012-02-14 dorionFiled in ondemand.tpl.php with ondemand embedded code.