2003-02-24 cantor*** empty log message ***
2003-02-24 cantorRevise affiliation URI and name of attribute class.
2003-02-24 cantorAdded GSU
2003-02-22 wassaAdded explicit root directory for junit thread.
2003-02-22 wassaOverwriting these was a mistake.
2003-02-22 wassaAdded ant shell script.
2003-02-22 wassaFail build when problems are encountered.
2003-02-22 wassaCopy conf files into distribution.
2003-02-21 wassaUpdated deployment descriptors to be in line with recen...
2003-02-21 wassaMoved conf to src directory.
2003-02-21 wassaRev'ed OpenSAML.
2003-02-21 wassaFix for pass-through exception code.
2003-02-21 wassaAdded generator for Crypto Handle Repository secret.
2003-02-21 wassaAdded pass-through logging option to AA.
2003-02-20 wassaChanged exception handling for invalid AQHs. Better...
2003-02-20 wassaImproved commenting on origin config file.
2003-02-20 wassaHandle Repositories throw and Exception when they are...
2003-02-20 wassaAA checks for required configuration properties and...
2003-02-20 wassaAA dumps the response in debug mode.
2003-02-19 wassaSilly mistake. Set the policies in the constructor.
2003-02-19 wassaResource loader was not working correctly for files...
2003-02-19 wassaExplicitly close some streams.
2003-02-19 wassaAdded policy URI to example config file.
2003-02-19 wassaMade audience URIs configurable.
2003-02-19 wassaHS checks for all required configuration properties...
2003-02-19 wassaFile System ARP Repository test was failing. Now catch...
2003-02-18 wassaHeavily commented the origin configuration file.
2003-02-18 wassaRemoved print statement.
2003-02-18 wassaAccidentally committed my test version. Fixed.
2003-02-18 wassaConfig to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaSite ARP releases any value of eduPersonAffiliation...
2003-02-18 wassaMoved handle secret keystore to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved ARP config to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaDuplicate. Out of date.
2003-02-18 wassaUnneeded. Left over from the Java SHIRE.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved origin properties file to classpath.
2003-02-17 wassaBypassed policy URI checking... for now.
2003-02-17 wassaChanged origin to use new policy URI.
2003-02-17 wassaI assume this was a typo.
2003-02-16 cantorAdded UT Houston
2003-02-15 cantorBypass policy check for now.
2003-02-15 cantorRemoved redundant checking.
2003-02-15 cantorUpdated to InCommon URI.
2003-02-13 wassaMore robust config file loading.
2003-02-11 wassaMore specific errors in the HS.
2003-02-11 wassaError handling for AQH creation.
2003-02-11 wassaTweaked the log4j configuration a little and added...
2003-02-07 wassaMore Crypto Handle Repository work.
2003-02-07 wassaA bit more on the Crypto Handle Repository.
2003-02-06 wassaBeginnings of Crypto Handle Repository.
2003-02-06 wassaChanged HandleRepository interface to reference a speci...
2003-02-06 wassaMoved inner class to peer so that we can serialize...
2003-02-05 wassaImplemented Memory Handle Repository handle cleanup...
2003-02-05 wassaFixed singleton instance() method that always returned...
2003-02-05 wassaOuch... take out that test Exception!!!
2003-02-04 wassaStarted to rework AA request error handling. Processin...
2003-02-04 wassaShort circuit HS processing after displaying error...
2003-02-04 wassaFixed MemoryHandleRepository Handle Expiration.
2003-02-04 cantorupcased CMU domains
2003-02-04 wassaMoved HS configuration to java Properties.
2003-02-03 cantorDynamic exception construction, based on classname...
2003-02-01 cantoradded CMU domains
2003-02-01 cantorTreat attribute lifetime as seconds.
2003-01-31 wassaStarted to convert HS to new handle repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaNew Handle Repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaFixed a silly mistake in a debugging message.
2003-01-31 wassaAA init cleanups.
2003-01-31 wassaMark servlet as unavailable if the ARP Engine cannot...
2003-01-31 wassaMore AA converstion to java properties configuration.
2003-01-30 wassaStarted moving options to java properties.
2003-01-29 wassaReplaced AA ARP processing.
2003-01-28 wassaDon't startup an ARP Cache if the TTL is 0.
2003-01-28 wassaAdded Base Arp Repository cleanup and synchronization.
2003-01-28 wassaAdded some tests for the FileSystemArpRepository.
2003-01-28 wassaFixed bugs in ARP caching. Site ARP was not being...
2003-01-27 wassaAdded File System repository for ARP retrieval.
2003-01-27 wassaAdded support for marshalling/unmarshalling of Rule...
2003-01-26 wassaAttribute References and attribute definitions outside...
2003-01-25 cantorWorking copy
2003-01-25 cantorRange check in toDOM()
2003-01-25 cantorFixed cast error.
2003-01-25 cantorAccidentally hid class variable.
2003-01-25 cantorDump more exception info on general errors.
2003-01-25 cantorRebuild of library with new API.
2003-01-25 cantorImprove error handling, account for a missing attribute...
2003-01-25 cantorAlign with new SAML APIs.
2003-01-25 cantornew sites added
2003-01-24 wassaAdded tests for round trip ARP marshalling/unmarshalling.
2003-01-24 wassaAdd source for xerces.
2003-01-24 wassaMoved to DOM 2 element interface.
2003-01-24 wassaAdded namespace to ARP schema. Added default namespace...
2003-01-23 wassaAdded validating parser as a test fixture.
2003-01-23 wassaAn exception was being thrown in some cases because...
2003-01-23 wassaAdded another ARP filtering test combining two ARPs.
2003-01-22 wassaAdded ARP application tests with user ARPs.
2003-01-22 wassaFixed "possible release set" test so that it doesn...
2003-01-22 wassaAdded Rule Reference to ARP schema at Bob's request.
2003-01-22 wassaUpdated libraries.
2003-01-21 wassaUpdated some libraries.
2003-01-21 wassaAdded schema validation to tests.