2002-10-10 wassaAdded defaults for some ENV-based parameters.
2002-10-08 cantoradded Domain elements
2002-10-07 blkmore updates to the UI. code should be complete, not...
2002-10-01 blkfirst attempt at adding the ui
2002-09-26 wassaAdded a more helpful error message for key import failure.
2002-09-25 cantorfixed envvar test
2002-09-23 cantorAdded Virginia
2002-09-17 wassaSystem.out -> log4j
2002-09-17 wassaMore log interleaving.
2002-09-17 wassaSystem.err -> log4j
2002-09-17 wassaCleanup of the interfaces to the Arp Repository.
2002-09-17 wassaDisplay interleaving data.
2002-09-17 wassaChanged arp repository factory so that classes can...
2002-09-17 wassaJavadoc to correct location.
2002-09-17 wassaAdded log request interleaving.
2002-09-16 wassaAdded proper package names so that AA will compile...
2002-09-16 wassaAdded proper package names so that AA will compile...
2002-09-13 wassaBetter handling for non-existent GET implementation...
2002-09-13 wassaReplacing admin arp with correct substitution.
2002-09-13 wassaDeleteing admin arp in order to fix problem with keywor...
2002-09-10 wassaImporting wrapper script for utils.ExtKeyTool class.
2002-09-10 wassaCorrected problem with defaulting to storepass when...
2002-09-10 wassaSimplefied error output generated when the -v switch...
2002-09-10 wassaImproved handling when errors are caught before the...
2002-09-07 wassaNew tool for importing and exporting private keys to...
2002-09-06 doustiNow the user context in LDAP can be found with a search...
2002-09-06 wassaUpdated to reflect recent opensaml updates. (Logging...
2002-09-05 cantorUpdated from alpha branch
2002-09-04 wassaMore SHIRE logging.
2002-09-04 wassaAltered error handling so that local system configurati...
2002-09-03 wassaAdded dumping of the saml response in debug mode.
2002-09-03 cantorRemoved expired CAs
2002-09-02 cantorFixed bug in verification that fails any time a bad...
2002-08-30 wassaFixed problem where drop down list was submitting displ...
2002-08-30 wassaChanged wayf page to display first alias in sites file...
2002-08-14 cantorHopefully the last Transform fix
2002-08-14 cantorversion for alpha 2.5
2002-08-12 blkfixed typo in equals fuction
2002-08-12 cantorAdded option to indirect username from different header
2002-08-12 cantorAdded username variable to HS config
2002-08-07 cantorAdjusted script to use expanded Tomcat webapp
2002-08-07 cantorAdded logging of handle mappings via log4j
2002-08-07 cantorReworded HS form
2002-08-06 cantorAdded replay cache check/redirect
2002-08-06 cantorExposed replay cache to SHIRE
2002-08-06 cantorOK, really fixed Transforms this time
2002-08-06 cantorUpdating to Xerces-J 2.0.2
2002-08-06 cantorFixed Transform checking.
2002-08-06 cantorChanges to POST profile interface
2002-08-04 cantorAdded OSU
2002-08-04 cantorUpdated classpath
2002-08-03 wassaAdded printing of target resource location to info...
2002-08-03 wassaFixed typo in a log message.
2002-08-03 wassaMore debugging info.
2002-08-02 wassaAdded additional logging/error handling in SHIRE and...
2002-08-02 wassaUpdating source jars and eclipse config to match recent...
2002-08-02 wassaAdded exception class name to error sting when creating...
2002-08-01 wassaReverted to version 2.0.1 to fix EntityResolver problem...
2002-08-01 wassaAdded a debug message when init is finished.
2002-08-01 wassaRefactored the error handling in the SHIRE servlet...
2002-07-31 wassaStarted to improve loggin/error handling in SHIRE ...
2002-07-31 wassaSynched eclipse config with updated libraries
2002-07-30 dousti- Adding title (or comment) to the Resource object
2002-07-30 doustiNew admin arp after adding URL title to the ARP
2002-07-30 cantorUpdated log4j path
2002-07-29 cantorNew signature logic
2002-07-27 cantorAdded expiration headers
2002-07-27 cantorAdded HEPKI Master Test CA and re-signed shib2 HS key.
2002-07-27 cantorXalan JAXP interfaces should be superset of Xerces
2002-07-27 cantorUpdating to latest versions
2002-07-27 cantorResigned HS cert with OSU CA
2002-07-27 cantorChanged default HS domain to
2002-07-27 cantorUpgrading to newer version
2002-07-26 wassaFixed a bug where the form tag's action attribute was...
2002-07-25 doustiChanged URL to * instead of *.edu
2002-07-23 cantorAdded stylesheet link
2002-07-23 cantorInitial version
2002-07-23 cantorSwitched demo to example
2002-07-22 cantorAdded proper SHAR name extraction
2002-07-21 cantorAdded cookie domain parameter
2002-07-20 cantorBrown HS moved
2002-07-18 cantorAdded override for SHIRE location.
2002-07-16 wassa*** keyword substitution change ***
2002-07-16 cantor*** empty log message ***
2002-07-12 cantorAdded Penn State
2002-07-12 cantorAdded Wisconsin
2002-07-08 cantorRemoved cert alias parameter, made passwords optional
2002-07-08 cantorInitial shell script
2002-07-06 cantorTitle/heading change
2002-07-03 cantorCorrected Brown HS
2002-07-03 cantorCorrected Brown HS
2002-07-03 cantor*** empty log message ***
2002-07-03 cantorAdded
2002-07-03 cantorChanged site URI
2002-07-03 cantorAdded CREN Web Server CA
2002-07-02 cantorAdded MS test CA
2002-07-02 cantorAdded new root CAs
2002-06-27 cantorCommented out default help text.
2002-06-27 cantor*** empty log message ***
2002-06-27 cantorTenatively final default config settings for alpha2