2003-02-01 cantoradded CMU domains
2003-02-01 cantorTreat attribute lifetime as seconds.
2003-01-31 wassaStarted to convert HS to new handle repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaNew Handle Repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaFixed a silly mistake in a debugging message.
2003-01-31 wassaAA init cleanups.
2003-01-31 wassaMark servlet as unavailable if the ARP Engine cannot...
2003-01-31 wassaMore AA converstion to java properties configuration.
2003-01-30 wassaStarted moving options to java properties.
2003-01-29 wassaReplaced AA ARP processing.
2003-01-28 wassaDon't startup an ARP Cache if the TTL is 0.
2003-01-28 wassaAdded Base Arp Repository cleanup and synchronization.
2003-01-28 wassaAdded some tests for the FileSystemArpRepository.
2003-01-28 wassaFixed bugs in ARP caching. Site ARP was not being...
2003-01-27 wassaAdded File System repository for ARP retrieval.
2003-01-27 wassaAdded support for marshalling/unmarshalling of Rule...
2003-01-26 wassaAttribute References and attribute definitions outside...
2003-01-25 cantorWorking copy
2003-01-25 cantorRange check in toDOM()
2003-01-25 cantorFixed cast error.
2003-01-25 cantorAccidentally hid class variable.
2003-01-25 cantorDump more exception info on general errors.
2003-01-25 cantorRebuild of library with new API.
2003-01-25 cantorImprove error handling, account for a missing attribute...
2003-01-25 cantorAlign with new SAML APIs.
2003-01-25 cantornew sites added
2003-01-24 wassaAdded tests for round trip ARP marshalling/unmarshalling.
2003-01-24 wassaAdd source for xerces.
2003-01-24 wassaMoved to DOM 2 element interface.
2003-01-24 wassaAdded namespace to ARP schema. Added default namespace...
2003-01-23 wassaAdded validating parser as a test fixture.
2003-01-23 wassaAn exception was being thrown in some cases because...
2003-01-23 wassaAdded another ARP filtering test combining two ARPs.
2003-01-22 wassaAdded ARP application tests with user ARPs.
2003-01-22 wassaFixed "possible release set" test so that it doesn...
2003-01-22 wassaAdded Rule Reference to ARP schema at Bob's request.
2003-01-22 wassaUpdated libraries.
2003-01-21 wassaUpdated some libraries.
2003-01-21 wassaAdded schema validation to tests.
2003-01-21 wassaAdded ARP schema.
2003-01-16 wassaAdded tests to the ARP filtering test suite for (multip...
2003-01-16 wassaAdded some "target matching" tests to the ARP filtering...
2003-01-16 cantorfixed Miami HS
2003-01-16 wassaAdded ARP filtering test suite.
2003-01-15 wassaFixed a bug with the ARP filtering that was generating...
2003-01-15 cantorModify Miami HS
2003-01-09 cantorAdded Miami, tweaked PSU/CMU
2002-12-23 cantorAdded AAP elements to schema.
2002-12-20 wassaAdded ARP tests to build process.
2002-12-20 wassaUpdated junit.
2002-12-20 wassaARP Attribute serialization.
2002-12-19 wassaARP Rule Target serialization.
2002-12-19 wassaThe beginnings of ARP serialization. A little more...
2002-12-19 wassaOops. The test Arp Repository was returning all user...
2002-12-19 wassaAdded some Javadoc and some debugging statements.
2002-12-19 wassaAdded some javadoc.
2002-12-19 wassaFixed a problem with matching function boolean logic.
2002-12-19 wassaRe-init logging to prevent multiple messages when run...
2002-12-19 wassaAdded a few tests for ARP filtering.
2002-12-18 wassaFirst cut at Attribute Policy enforcement.
2002-12-18 wassaPossible Release Set now excludes attributes for which...
2002-12-17 cantoradded regexp support to Domain element
2002-12-17 wassaAdded code to compute potential release sets. This...
2002-12-17 cantoradded CMU
2002-12-16 wassaAdded ARP attribute marshalling.
2002-12-16 wassaFixed a misleading log message.
2002-12-15 cantorOmit continue button for script-enabled browsers.
2002-12-14 wassaARP Rule marshalling imporovements.
2002-12-14 wassaMore work on the ARP Marshalling/Request matching code.
2002-12-13 wassaImplemented Regex ARP Match function and related tests...
2002-12-13 wassaStarted work on the ARP matching functions
2002-12-12 wassaThe beginnings of effective ARP selection.
2002-12-12 cantorchanged UDub alias
2002-12-10 wassaThe beginnings of ARP serialization. Tests for the...
2002-12-10 wassaThe beginnings of a test suite. Slightly more flesh...
2002-12-10 wassaImporting first some initial stubs for new Arp code.
2002-12-04 cantorAllow an empty authType.
2002-12-04 cantorAllow an empty authType by setting it to "unknown".
2002-12-04 cantorRenamed origin build to shibboleth.war (consistent...
2002-11-26 wassaChanged example domain to be, which matches...
2002-11-25 cantorAdded Columbia
2002-11-24 wassaAdded code to re-establish JNDI connections when they...
2002-11-24 wassaFixed NullPointerException that occurred when trying...
2002-11-22 cantorcorrected umich HS
2002-11-22 cantoradded umich
2002-11-13 cantoradded Tennessee
2002-11-07 wassaOne more try, with the right dependencies this time...
2002-11-07 wassaUpdated site ARP to use new serialization id.
2002-11-07 wassaAdded hardcoded id to all classes involved in ARP seria...
2002-11-06 wassaAdding bc jce implementation to the /lib directory...
2002-11-06 wassaAn attempt at making the keytool script more robust.
2002-11-06 wassaAn attempt at making the ArpUtil shell script more...
2002-11-06 wassaMoved util jar to /lib so that /bin/scripts can use...
2002-11-06 wassaMoved to utils directory.
2002-11-06 wassaBuild cleanups. Removed targets for old "shib target...
2002-11-06 wassaReplaced by new C++ implementation.
2002-11-06 wassaRemoved jsp attributes that the Handle Servlet was...
2002-11-02 cantoradded logging to verify
2002-10-31 cantorXML interface changes
2002-10-31 cantorFix to system ID check.