2004-03-11 wassaRemoved conflict with java 1.5 keyword.
2004-03-10 wassaRemoved unecessary qualification of xml elements.
2004-03-05 cantorAdded ability to constrain JDBC result set size, min...
2004-03-05 cantorClear statement parameters before new call.
2004-03-05 cantorInclude principal name in log message
2004-03-05 cantorUpped a log level.
2004-02-25 nlevittModified resolvertest to support ARPs by reading config...
2004-02-24 cantorTrust metadata schema
2004-02-22 nlevittRemove throws clause on constructor, since it can't...
2004-02-18 nlevittRemove stray line of code. Fixes null pointer exception...
2004-02-16 nlevittConfigure logging with <Logging> element in origin...
2004-02-13 wassaRe-implemented remaining config options for HS.
2004-02-13 wassaRemoved stale comment.
2004-02-12 wassaDelay this until better use case is formed.
2004-02-10 wassaFix background thread cleanup.
2004-02-10 wassaUpdated eclipse metadata.
2004-02-10 cantorCorrected anyURI type reference
2004-02-10 wassaMove shibdev cert/key to come from apache style files.
2004-02-09 cantorAdded uri attribute to root element.
2004-02-05 nlevittUpdated javadocs.
2004-02-05 wassaUpdated javadoc.
2004-02-05 wassaAdded javadoc.
2004-02-04 nlevittAdd some javadocs.
2004-02-04 wassaUpdated test to work with new config strategy.
2004-02-04 wassaCode cleanups.
2004-02-04 wassaCleanups.
2004-02-04 wassaUpdated test to work with new config strategy.
2004-02-04 wassaUpdated test to work with new config strategy.
2004-02-04 wassaUpdated test to work with new config strategy.
2004-02-04 wassaCode cleanups.
2004-02-04 wassaPatch from Noah. Push up refactoring for parsing of...
2004-02-04 wassaFixed ClassCastException when using Default Relying...
2004-02-04 wassaFixed a few bugs caused by the conversion away from...
2004-02-04 wassaMoved away from internal use of java Properties.
2004-01-30 wassaStarted moving from Properties config parameters to...
2004-01-30 wassaAdded default configuration for Arp Engine.
2004-01-30 wassaFix incorrect parameter parsing.
2004-01-30 wassaPulled up parser loading into a base class.
2004-01-30 wassaConverted Arp Repository Factory and ARP Repositories...
2004-01-29 wassaConvert Attribute Resolver to new config.
2004-01-29 wassaAdded ARP engine config to schema.
2004-01-29 wassaRemoved old example config file.
2004-01-29 wassaMake successful test silent
2004-01-29 wassaAA compiles again.
2004-01-28 wassaFurther AA conversion.
2004-01-27 wassaBegin AA refactoring for multiple Name Formats and...
2004-01-27 nlevittTransaction log for HS.
2004-01-27 wassaSAML auth method can be set by site, overriden by relyi...
2004-01-24 wassaHS now uses Name Identifier mappings based on Relying...
2004-01-24 wassaFix NullPointers when providerId is unknown.
2004-01-23 wassaGet rid of <RelyingPartyGroup/>. Use <RelyingParty...
2004-01-23 wassaFleshed out support for configuration based on Relying...
2004-01-23 wassaIf only one credential is loaded, use it as the default.
2004-01-23 wassaSingular attribute name.
2004-01-23 wassaStarted to implement config settings based on Relying...
2004-01-23 wassaAdd defaultRelyingParty attribute.
2004-01-23 wassaOuch! Identity providerId, not Service providerId.
2004-01-23 wassaDetect whether we are talking to a 1.1 or older target...
2004-01-22 wassaDelete stale class. Decided to use another category...
2004-01-22 wassaNote.
2004-01-22 wassaMore work converting to multi-federation HS.
2004-01-22 wassaUpdate to sync with interface.
2004-01-22 wassaFix namespace problems with Element.getTagName()
2004-01-22 wassaFirst stab at an example config file.
2004-01-22 wassaAdd strawman for new origin config.
2004-01-22 wassaMake config data in Credentials and NameMapper work...
2004-01-22 wassaDelete stale comment.
2004-01-22 wassaDeleted uneeded class.
2004-01-22 wassaHandleServlet uses new POSTProfile method.
2004-01-22 wassaRev'd opensaml library.
2004-01-22 wassaUpdated tests to reflect new Credentials constants.
2004-01-22 wassaBase POST profile behavior on dynamically supplied...
2004-01-22 wassaConvert ShibPOSTProfile to use new NameIdentifier and...
2004-01-22 wassaStart to convert HS to new config.
2004-01-22 wassaUpdated per Interface.
2004-01-21 wassaFix XML in test case.
2004-01-21 wassaAdd schema for Name Identifier Mappings and schema...
2004-01-21 wassaAdded javadoc for NameMapper classes.
2004-01-20 wassaImproved Name Mapper tests.
2004-01-20 wassaMore informative error message for JVM bug.
2004-01-20 nlevittAdded comment explaining what this file is for.
2004-01-20 wassaMore name mapping updates.
2004-01-16 wassaMore guts in the Name Mapping code.
2004-01-16 cantorUpdated build
2004-01-15 wassaTake out subclass stubs.
2004-01-15 wassaImplemented Mapper for NameIdentifiers.
2004-01-15 wassaAdded stubs for Name Identifier Mapping.
2003-12-16 cantorUpdate to a recent xmlsec build.
2003-12-11 wassaImplemented Scott's suggestions for the credential...
2003-12-11 wassaDon't error out when loading incomplete cert chain...
2003-12-11 wassaAdd support for DES encryption on OpenSSL raw format...
2003-12-10 wassaFinally got silly OpenSSL encrypted key format to load.
2003-12-10 wassaAdded some test keys for OpenSSL formatted keys.
2003-12-10 cantorAdded a semaphore to throttle the number of active...
2003-12-10 wassaAdded some scratch code to file credential loader.
2003-12-09 wassaBaby steps...
2003-12-08 wassaStarted to add support for RSA raw encrypted keys.
2003-12-08 wassaFixed log message.
2003-12-08 wassaFile credential resolver now supports encrypted pkcs8...
2003-12-08 wassaFile credential resolver now supports encrypted pkcs8...