2003-12-04 wassaAdd support for reading PKCS8 RSA keys in PEM format.
2003-12-03 wassaAdd support to the File Credential Resolver for loading...
2003-12-02 wassaCredentials file resolver will now load rsa keys in...
2003-12-02 wassaUpdated credentials schema.
2003-11-30 cantorLog name of connector when pool fails.
2003-11-20 wassaA little more work on the credentials loader.
2003-11-20 wassaInitial import of origin Credential loading code.
2003-11-20 wassaJavadoc fix.
2003-11-17 cantorAdded default value for validationQuery.
2003-11-17 cantorCache result of failover dependency on a per-request...
2003-11-13 cantorSwitched read-only and auto commit.
2003-11-13 cantorAdd validationQuery parameter.
2003-11-13 cantorAdd attributes to JDBC connector
2003-11-12 wassaMake WAYF reload sites file when it changes.
2003-11-06 cantorUpdating pool library
2003-11-06 cantorAdded validation query so bad connections will drop.
2003-10-29 wassaBegin adding support for metadata reloading in WAYF.
2003-10-29 wassaCompile error. Need to wait till we upgrade the SAML...
2003-10-28 wassaFixed a bug where the ARP engine was sometimes returnin...
2003-10-28 wassaAdded jUnit test for bug where ARP engine was sometimes...
2003-10-28 cantorBumped Xerces version to 2.5.0
2003-10-28 cantorAdd extra exception handler, needed with upcoming opens...
2003-10-23 wassaSort origins in WAYF list.
2003-10-22 wassa*** keyword substitution change ***
2003-10-22 wassaAdded match function testing for attribute values in...
2003-10-13 cantorCheck for null resource before parsing
2003-10-13 cantorAdded maxWait setting, fixed missing close statements...
2003-10-10 wassaUpdated HS form to xhtml 1.1. Fixed several validation...
2003-10-06 wassaRemoved uneeded certs from default origin keystore.
2003-10-04 cantorAdd a sanity check against Subject NameQualifier in...
2003-10-04 cantorWrong format variable in comparison.
2003-10-03 cantorAllow AA to respond about transparent handles while...
2003-10-02 ndkChanged shib-support to inqueue-support.
2003-09-24 wassaAdded commons libs to eclipse config.
2003-09-24 wassaFixed a bug that caused the AA to fail when multiple...
2003-09-24 cantorAdd missing delegation.
2003-09-22 ndkAdded information about ca-bundle.crt for origins.
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-17 wassaCleanups.
2003-09-14 cantorNeed for resolvertest
2003-09-14 cantorSetting null parameters requires type-specific knowledge.
2003-09-14 cantorSubstitute principal multiple times.
2003-09-13 cantorSupport multiple rows, ordered/dup attribute values...
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover.
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover and property...
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover.
2003-09-13 cantorAdded JDBC property element, and failover dependency.
2003-09-05 wassaSynched from /c.
2003-09-02 ndkSoftens language in 2.1 for Ken.
2003-08-27 wassaMinor code cleanups.
2003-08-27 wassaSimple code cleanups.
2003-08-25 wassa*** keyword substitution change ***
2003-08-25 wassaAdded example configuration file for JDBC Data Connector.
2003-08-25 wassaAdded origin audit logging.
2003-08-25 cantorInclude webapp libs in classpath.
2003-08-25 cantorRemoved empty string extension.
2003-08-22 wassaBetter automatic type conversion for Dependency Stateme...
2003-08-22 wassaFix for dup value AR bug.
2003-08-22 wassajUnit test for a bug in the Attribute Resolver. Recurs...
2003-08-21 wassaCorrectly handle nulls for JDBC Connector dependencies.
2003-08-21 wassaProtect AAAttrbibute against null values.
2003-08-21 wassaMinor JDBC Connector bug fix.
2003-08-21 wassaFixed squelched error.
2003-08-21 cantorFilter to strip realm from Kerberized principal names.
2003-08-20 wassaBeginnings of a Dependency Statement Creator for the...
2003-08-20 cantorAdded Tomcat tasks.
2003-08-19 wassaMoved to use of prepared statements for JDBC connector.
2003-08-19 cantorAdded new Verisign root.
2003-08-18 wassaLots of refactorings.
2003-08-18 wassaLog problems with closing JNDI connections.
2003-08-18 wassaMake sure connections are closed in the event of an...
2003-08-13 wassaFixed comments/logging messages.
2003-08-11 cantorRevamped property/URL config, added parameter subst...
2003-08-11 cantorAdded dependency support to DataConnectors
2003-08-11 cantor*** empty log message ***
2003-08-11 cantorFixed row count handling
2003-08-10 cantorRevamped connection properties to accomodate more drivers.
2003-08-04 wassaUpdated revision number and date.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor validation fix.
2003-07-31 wassaHTML Validation fixes to origin deploy guide.
2003-07-31 wassaMinor fixes from Steven.
2003-07-31 wassaLatest changes from Steven.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaCopied deploy guides from /c/doc/.
2003-07-31 wassaRev'd version number.
2003-07-31 wassaUpdated for 1.1 .
2003-07-29 wassaGracefully fail when source data from targeted ID is...
2003-07-29 wassaChanged level for message when an attribute definition...
2003-07-29 wassaAdded upgrade guide. (from Nate)
2003-07-29 cantorAdded target to generate salt key
2003-07-28 wassaMoved example standard directory attributes to ldap...
2003-07-28 wassaFixed bug that caused search string to be corrupted...
2003-07-28 wassaAdd ldap connection pooling example to resolver.ldap...
2003-07-28 wassaFix synchronization bug in JNDI connector. Add support...
2003-07-28 wassaRemove ldap jar. Included in rt.jar in JDK > 1.4.
2003-07-25 wassaRemoved bad javadoc.
2003-07-25 wassaMinor changes for clarity.