2004-10-29 gilbertSession must be created before Response is committed
2004-10-28 gilbertAn Ant target for a developer version of origin+sp...
2004-10-28 gilbertWEB-INF/web.xml for combined origin and target
2004-10-28 gilbertError pages moved to Web Server directory
2004-10-28 gilbertXML Bean libraries
2004-10-28 gilbertSP schemas
2004-10-28 gilbert*** empty log message ***
2004-10-28 gilbertBuilt in pluggable for Trust XML
2004-10-28 gilbertBuilt in pluggable for FederationProvider XML
2004-10-28 gilbertBuilt-in pluggable for AAP XML
2004-10-28 gilbertCalls SAML to process Authentication POST data
2004-10-28 gilbertCalls SAMLBinding to get attributes from AA
2004-10-28 gilbertCreate, delete, update Session objects
2004-10-28 gilbertInterface to be implemented by any code to persist
2004-10-28 gilbertHold Authentication and Attribute statements for a...
2004-10-28 gilbertInitialize SP when it is running in a Servlet Container
2004-10-28 gilbertGlobal object for Service Provider data and configuration
2004-10-28 gilbertParse Service Provider configuration files
2004-10-28 gilbertPluggable to handle SAML 2.0 standard Metadata file
2004-10-28 gilbertPrototype per-request global (thread local) object
2004-10-28 gilbertInterface implemented by all pluggables
2004-10-28 gilbertInterface implemented by Trust pluggables
2004-10-28 gilbertFeed shibboleth.xml configuration data to Filter
2004-10-28 gilbertServlet to process Authentication POST from HS
2004-10-28 gilbertStatic class calls ShibBinding to get attributes from AA
2004-10-28 gilbertXML Bean libraries
2004-10-28 gilbertPrototype thread local (per request) object.
2004-10-28 gilbertInterface for every pluggable component
2004-10-28 gilbertInterface implemented by Trust pluggable
2004-10-28 gilbertFeed shibboleth.xml configuration data across contexts...
2004-10-28 gilbertProcess Authentication POST
2004-10-28 gilbertStatic class, calls ShibBinding to get attributes from AA
2004-10-28 gilbertSynch with later SAML 2.0 spec
2004-10-28 gilbertAdd SP role interfaces, sync with latest SAML 2.0 spec
2004-10-28 gilbertAdd constant schema names and other strings
2004-10-28 gilbertDefault resources from WEB-INF by choosing a class
2004-10-28 gilbertAttributeRule interface for objects returned by AAP
2004-10-28 gilbertAAP interface to be implemented by any AAP pluggable
2004-10-28 gilbertLog4J Appender to create per-request logs
2004-10-28 gilbertPartial Service Provider configuration files
2004-10-26 wassaJUnit totally saved our butts here. Fixed a stupid...
2004-10-11 wassaIgnore case when mapping sourceName to the attribute...
2004-10-11 wassaRetain order of attribute and connector dependencies...
2004-10-11 wassaRetain order of values during attribute resolution...
2004-10-08 wassaRev'd commons pool and dbcp libs.
2004-10-05 wassaAdded value handler for base 64 encoding byte arrays.
2004-10-01 wassaChange from string reference comparison to equals(...
2004-09-18 wassaMoved name qualifer checking from the AA servlet into...
2004-09-18 wassaMove hard-coded test principal into its own NameIdentif...
2004-09-15 wassaFixed a bug that prevented the HS from supporting multi...
2004-09-08 wassaCleanups.
2004-09-08 wassaMake sure we close the inputstream when loading credent...
2004-09-08 wassaFixed leaking file descriptors for file:// based URL...
2004-09-03 wassaBypass testing for a private key/public key match if...
2004-08-22 cantorFix to Site definition
2004-08-04 cantorCorrected error messages.
2004-08-04 cantorHad wrong lib directory.
2004-07-01 wassaGive a better error message when custom data connectors...
2004-07-01 cantorUpdating Xerces to same version used elsewhere in project
2004-06-28 ndkAdds info about Coyote/JK2 and Tomcat 5.
2004-05-28 cantorSome errors copied in from DOS script
2004-05-20 cantorAdded additional warning about security.
2004-05-20 cantorI screwed up the commands I sent to Nate.
2004-05-20 ndkMany many fixes and new object class and CA text.
2004-05-19 ndkUpdates to 1.2; new information requirements, configura...
2004-05-13 nlevittRotate logs daily rather than by size.
2004-05-12 cantorLog full exception chain.
2004-05-11 ndkDocumented lazy sessions (4.i) and fixed all validation...
2004-05-06 wassaCleanup.
2004-05-04 cantorRevised commands again, updated later sections
2004-05-04 wassaBack out change. Fixed by altering script.
2004-05-04 cantorAdd home to classpath to locate logging config
2004-05-03 wassaGet rid of log4j "not initialized" messages.
2004-05-03 ndkFixes to chapter 2.
2004-05-03 ndkGreat suggestions from Steven and Walter.
2004-04-30 cantorAdded target list.
2004-04-30 wassaUpdated for 1.2
2004-04-30 wassaRemove 1.1-related guide.
2004-04-30 wassaAlways set time with WAYF, even for 1.1 requests.
2004-04-30 wassaInvalid null providerId GET parameter should fail early.
2004-04-30 ndkIncorporates a number of suggestions from Steven &...
2004-04-29 cantorAdded resolverConfig default.
2004-04-28 cantorForgot to move reference to example origin
2004-04-28 cantorRenamed metadata for IQ and sample keys
2004-04-28 cantorUse common logging configuration.
2004-04-28 cantorWorks on NT now
2004-04-28 cantor*** empty log message ***
2004-04-28 cantorAmazing, but this is required to build batch classpaths...
2004-04-28 cantorUpdated comment.
2004-04-28 cantorCorrected spelling of error.
2004-04-27 wassaMore credits.
2004-04-27 wassaRev'd version.
2004-04-27 wassaArgh! No tabs!
2004-04-27 nlevittKeep up to 50 old logs, 2 megs each.
2004-04-27 wassaFormatting fix.
2004-04-27 wassaRev'd version number.
2004-04-27 wassaUpdated the credits.
2004-04-27 nlevittLimit number of old log files to keep to work around...
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyResource/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 target...
2004-04-27 ndk<AnyTarget/> no longer needed in ARP's for 1.2 targets.