Code cleanups in preparation for 2.0 work. Aligned resolver unit tests with recent...
[java-idp.git] / webApplication /
2005-11-12 lajoieSDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
2005-11-10 wassaIdP ADFS form.
2005-10-10 wassaLatest opensaml rev. Fixes metadatatool problem.
2005-09-28 lajoieRemoved JARs that are no longer needed after WAYF code...
2005-07-24 cantorLatest 1.1 code
2005-07-21 cantor"Release" build of 1.1 branch.
2005-07-18 cantorWayf changes for new metadata, plus more caching options.
2005-07-09 gilbertSupport ArtifactMapper implementation
2005-06-29 cantorUpdated some labels/titles.
2005-06-22 cantorAdd support for pluggable NameIdentifiers based on...
2005-06-20 gilbertSepararate SAML process logic from ServletRequest
2005-05-31 wassaMoved to new Shibboleth logo.
2005-05-31 cantorUpdate sample to match current usage.
2005-05-18 cantorAdded dual version support.
2005-05-14 cantorUpdated build to fix buffer bug.
2005-05-13 wassaRev' OpenSAML to get xml parser fix.
2005-05-09 wassaAdded commons codec back in. It is needed for OpenSAML...
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-04-29 wassaRemoved commons-codec dependency.
2005-04-29 wassaAdded portions of the BC provider to support Base64...
2005-04-25 gilbertMatch latest checked in /schemas
2005-04-24 cantorXalan-less xmlsec build.
2005-04-24 cantorLatest debug jar.
2005-03-29 cantorUpdated version with debugging info.
2005-03-28 gilbertNew XML Beans based on new XSD for SPConfig
2005-03-22 gilbertNeeded by XMLSEC
2005-03-15 cantor*** empty log message ***
2005-03-14 cantorRemoved old jar.
2005-03-11 wassaBegan major refactoring of IdP servlet in order to...
2005-03-09 cantorAdded attribute value method.
2005-03-03 cantorSome added constants.
2005-03-01 wassaRemoved outdated XML libs.
2005-03-01 cantorBuilt opensaml with -source 1.4
2005-02-18 cantorRemoved UUID library.
2005-02-11 cantorUpdating libraries.
2005-01-28 wassaSync'd opensaml library from /lib
2005-01-09 wassaRev' opensaml version to take advantange of atifact...
2004-10-28 gilbertError pages moved to Web Server directory
2004-10-28 gilbertXML Bean libraries
2004-10-08 wassaRev'd commons pool and dbcp libs.
2004-07-01 cantorUpdating Xerces to same version used elsewhere in project
2004-04-19 cantorRenamed targetedId
2004-04-17 cantorSample form login for JAAS
2004-04-17 cantorShould be the "final" 1.1 release.
2004-04-16 cantorUpdate example of config commands.
2004-04-16 cantorNew SAML and xmlsec jars.
2004-04-16 cantorDefault to InQueue.
2004-04-16 cantorChanged default values
2004-04-16 cantor*** empty log message ***
2004-04-13 wassaUpdated to xmlsec 1.1 candidate.
2004-04-13 wassaWAYF now passes through providerId parameter sent by...
2004-04-12 wassaJSP and CSS should be ASCII.
2004-03-29 cantorRemoving InQueue sample files, too confusing to put...
2004-03-26 wassaRev opensaml.
2004-03-16 cantorUpdating commons pooling support.
2004-01-22 wassaRev'd opensaml library.
2004-01-16 cantorUpdated build
2003-12-16 cantorUpdate to a recent xmlsec build.
2003-11-06 cantorUpdating pool library
2003-10-10 wassaUpdated HS form to xhtml 1.1. Fixed several validation...
2003-08-19 cantorAdded new Verisign root.
2003-08-18 wassaLots of refactorings.
2003-07-28 wassaRemove ldap jar. Included in rt.jar in JDK > 1.4.
2003-07-22 wassaPrint persistent id on sample page.
2003-06-16 cantorSwitched to InQueue federation name.
2003-06-14 cantorTweaked path to example HS
2003-06-11 cantorInsure latest bug fixes are included
2003-06-10 wassaUpdated WAYF to work with new sites file format.
2003-06-10 wassaNew sites file format.
2003-05-21 wassaRev'd OpenSAML to current.
2003-05-04 cantorInterim build with 1.1 support
2003-04-26 cantorNeed DOM3 interfaces, so another Xerces update is needed.
2003-04-24 cantorUpdating to Xerces 2.4.0
2003-04-24 cantorRemoved in favor of Sun version
2003-04-16 wassaMoved to latest OpenSAML.
2003-04-15 wassaMade small WAYF changes per Greg's requst.
2003-03-06 wassaRevamped the wayf interface a bit.
2003-03-05 wassaMoved WAYF config to CLASSPATH.
2003-03-04 wassaRev'd OpenSAML to include recent fix.
2003-03-04 wassaRev'd OpenSAML to include recent fix.
2003-02-26 wassaSend to the error page when hs.jsp is accessed directly...
2003-02-25 cantorrenamed attribute
2003-02-24 cantor*** empty log message ***
2003-02-24 cantorAdded GSU
2003-02-21 wassaMoved conf to src directory.
2003-02-21 wassaRev'ed OpenSAML.
2003-02-21 wassaAdded pass-through logging option to AA.
2003-02-20 wassaImproved commenting on origin config file.
2003-02-19 wassaAdded policy URI to example config file.
2003-02-18 wassaHeavily commented the origin configuration file.
2003-02-18 wassaAccidentally committed my test version. Fixed.
2003-02-18 wassaConfig to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaSite ARP releases any value of eduPersonAffiliation...
2003-02-18 wassaMoved handle secret keystore to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved ARP config to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaDuplicate. Out of date.
2003-02-18 wassaUnneeded. Left over from the Java SHIRE.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved origin properties file to classpath.
2003-02-16 cantorAdded UT Houston
2003-02-13 wassaMore robust config file loading.