Code cleanup: removed some Shibboleth 1.1 compatibility code.
[java-idp.git] / webApplication / wayf.jsp
2005-11-12 lajoieSDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
2005-07-18 cantorWayf changes for new metadata, plus more caching options.
2004-04-16 cantorDefault to InQueue.
2004-04-13 wassaWAYF now passes through providerId parameter sent by...
2004-04-12 wassaJSP and CSS should be ASCII.
2003-06-10 wassaUpdated WAYF to work with new sites file format.
2003-04-15 wassaMade small WAYF changes per Greg's requst.
2003-03-06 wassaRevamped the wayf interface a bit.
2002-08-30 wassaFixed problem where drop down list was submitting displ...
2002-08-30 wassaChanged wayf page to display first alias in sites file...
2002-06-17 wassaConverted to use separate wayf config file and sites...
2002-05-29 wassaImporting WAYF code