Added a few tests for ARP filtering.
[java-idp.git] / webAppConfig / origin.xml
2002-11-26 wassaChanged example domain to be, which matches...
2002-10-27 cantorremoved erroneous Arp Factory parameter
2002-08-12 cantorAdded username variable to HS config
2002-07-27 cantorChanged default HS domain to
2002-06-25 doustifixed the naming of the context-param tags.
2002-06-25 blkedited xml file to put init params in context instead...
2002-06-24 doustiTook out arps directory param. It is in servlet contex...
2002-06-14 blkadded another option to origin.xml file for hs
2002-06-13 wassaAdded LogServ to war configurations.
2002-06-13 cantorChanged domain to and corrected AA URL from HS.
2002-06-13 blkstupid typos
2002-06-12 blkworking HS?
2002-06-12 doustiAdded AA params.
2002-06-12 blkadded fields to origin.xml for HS
2002-06-11 wassaUpdated for new targets.