Update deployment descriptors to servlet API 2.3 (to allow filter elements)
[java-idp.git] / webAppConfig / all.xml
2003-02-27 wassaUpdate deployment descriptors to servlet API 2.3 (to...
2003-02-13 wassaMore robust config file loading.
2003-02-04 wassaMoved HS configuration to java Properties.
2003-01-31 wassaStarted to convert HS to new handle repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaMore AA converstion to java properties configuration.
2003-01-30 wassaStarted moving options to java properties.
2002-11-26 wassaChanged example domain to be shibdev.edu, which matches...
2002-11-06 wassaBuild cleanups. Removed targets for old "shib target...