Set communication profile before decoding
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2008-02-25 lajoieSet executable property
2008-02-25 lajoieLots of code cleanup
2008-02-21 lajoieCheck for existance of IDP_HOME env variable - SIDP-154
2008-01-17 lajoieBack out previous change to add endoresed directory...
2008-01-17 lajoieset endorsed directory via command line so that users...
2007-12-31 lajoieCommand line tools for getting IdP version
2007-08-24 rdwJira case SIDP-32. Make AACLI.BAt work and tolerant...
2007-08-22 lajoieMake install the default build target
2007-05-20 lajoiemissed a file
2007-05-20 lajoieRemove old web pages