Wrong format variable in comparison.
[java-idp.git] / src /
2003-10-04 cantorWrong format variable in comparison.
2003-10-03 cantorAllow AA to respond about transparent handles while...
2003-09-24 wassaFixed a bug that caused the AA to fail when multiple...
2003-09-24 cantorAdd missing delegation.
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-17 wassaCleanups.
2003-09-14 cantorSetting null parameters requires type-specific knowledge.
2003-09-14 cantorSubstitute principal multiple times.
2003-09-13 cantorSupport multiple rows, ordered/dup attribute values...
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover.
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover and property...
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover.
2003-09-13 cantorAdded JDBC property element, and failover dependency.
2003-09-05 wassaSynched from /c.
2003-08-27 wassaMinor code cleanups.
2003-08-27 wassaSimple code cleanups.
2003-08-25 wassaAdded example configuration file for JDBC Data Connector.
2003-08-25 wassaAdded origin audit logging.
2003-08-25 cantorRemoved empty string extension.
2003-08-22 wassaBetter automatic type conversion for Dependency Stateme...
2003-08-22 wassaFix for dup value AR bug.
2003-08-21 wassaCorrectly handle nulls for JDBC Connector dependencies.
2003-08-21 wassaProtect AAAttrbibute against null values.
2003-08-21 wassaMinor JDBC Connector bug fix.
2003-08-21 wassaFixed squelched error.
2003-08-21 cantorFilter to strip realm from Kerberized principal names.
2003-08-20 wassaBeginnings of a Dependency Statement Creator for the...
2003-08-19 wassaMoved to use of prepared statements for JDBC connector.
2003-08-18 wassaLots of refactorings.
2003-08-18 wassaLog problems with closing JNDI connections.
2003-08-18 wassaMake sure connections are closed in the event of an...
2003-08-13 wassaFixed comments/logging messages.
2003-08-11 cantorRevamped property/URL config, added parameter subst...
2003-08-11 cantorAdded dependency support to DataConnectors
2003-08-11 cantorFixed row count handling
2003-08-10 cantorRevamped connection properties to accomodate more drivers.
2003-07-29 wassaGracefully fail when source data from targeted ID is...
2003-07-29 wassaChanged level for message when an attribute definition...
2003-07-28 wassaMoved example standard directory attributes to ldap...
2003-07-28 wassaFixed bug that caused search string to be corrupted...
2003-07-28 wassaAdd ldap connection pooling example to resolver.ldap...
2003-07-28 wassaFix synchronization bug in JNDI connector. Add support...
2003-07-25 wassaRemoved bad javadoc.
2003-07-25 wassaMinor changes for clarity.
2003-07-25 wassaMake JDBCDataConnector an element in resolver config.
2003-07-25 wassaBetter error message.
2003-07-25 wassaInitial import of JDBC Data Connector code from Dave...
2003-07-24 cantorRenamed persistent ID.
2003-07-23 wassaAdded profiled ldap attributes to resolver config example.
2003-07-23 cantorRemoved MS test CA that chokes JDK 142
2003-07-22 wassaAdded persistent id example to resolver.xml
2003-07-22 wassaAdded scope to Persistand ID attribute definition.
2003-07-22 wassaFixed a small bug where value handler was being set...
2003-07-22 wassaAdded persistant ID attribute definition to resolver...
2003-07-22 wassaAdded ldaps example to resolver config file.
2003-07-21 wassaSecurity enhancements for Crypto Handle Repository...
2003-07-18 wassaOuch. Don't use GPL library.
2003-07-17 wassaAdded test program for the Attribute Resolver.
2003-07-13 cantorremoved assert statement
2003-07-13 cantorDefault salt key for persistent ID hashing.
2003-07-13 cantorStand-alone hashed attribute for persistent IDs
2003-07-12 cantorUpdated comment.
2003-07-12 cantorProvide support for other SAML NameID formats.
2003-06-27 cantorAdded schema to support attribute config via AAP files.
2003-06-19 wassaFixed tab.
2003-06-19 wassaMade resolver config commenting clearer, at Ryan's...
2003-06-19 wassaMade the resolver config commenting clearer, at Ryan...
2003-06-18 wassaUpdated audience default to InQueue.
2003-06-18 wassaUpdated to InQueue as default audience.
2003-06-16 cantorSwitched to InQueue federation name.
2003-06-15 cantorCommented out additional attribute
2003-06-14 cantorForgot to comment out EPPN
2003-06-13 cantorUpdated attribute URIs.
2003-06-12 cantorComment out scoped attribute by default.
2003-06-11 wassaProper error message when private key cannot be located.
2003-06-11 wassaRemove stale default.
2003-06-11 wassaTrim trailing whitespace from config properties, since...
2003-06-10 wassaUpdated WAYF to work with new sites file format.
2003-06-10 wassaFixed annotations in metadata schema.
2003-06-10 wassaOn second thought... use the slash if it comes after a :
2003-06-10 wassaShouldn't have been overwritten.
2003-06-10 wassaFix up simple attribute definition to automatically...
2003-06-10 wassaChange to new eduPerson URNs.
2003-06-10 wassaShouldn't have been overwritten.
2003-06-10 wassaChange to new eduPerson URNs.
2003-06-09 cantorUpdated for 1.0 to handle both metadata files.
2003-06-09 cantorSync'd up with C version.
2003-06-09 cantorRemoved.
2003-06-06 wassaGarbage removal.
2003-06-06 wassaGarbage removal.
2003-06-05 ndkMade federation URI single-valued.
2003-05-30 wassaChanged the default and example audiences.
2003-05-23 wassaDowncase default InCommon URNs.
2003-05-23 wassaDowncase InCommon URI in example config.
2003-05-22 wassaHardcode provider name for JCEKS keystores.
2003-05-21 wassaChanged config property to reflect the fact that we...
2003-05-21 wassaAA now properly responds to requests for specific attri...
2003-05-08 wassaBetter handling when attribute PlugIns are mislabeled...
2003-05-08 wassaFixed a bug in the ARP caching that was preventing...