Favor the default endpoint if selected and the binding is known.
[java-idp.git] / src /
2005-06-24 cantorFavor the default endpoint if selected and the binding...
2005-06-23 gilbertEmphasize failure return
2005-06-23 gilbertImprove details about configuration file errors
2005-06-23 cantorAdd hook for specifying signing algorithms.
2005-06-23 lajoieMade attribution more specific.
2005-06-22 lajoieChanged to use RollingFileAppender to allow for log...
2005-06-22 cantorAdded support for signed artifact queries.
2005-06-22 cantorAdd support for pluggable NameIdentifiers based on...
2005-06-21 cantorMake authn assertion the first artifact sent to improve...
2005-06-21 cantorCheck for a null request, which seems to happen if...
2005-06-21 gilbertCleanup comments, remove unused code
2005-06-21 gilbertUntil release, the Debug output of Attributes and SAML...
2005-06-21 gilbertfix isExpired test
2005-06-21 gilbertReplace expired certificate
2005-06-21 cantorSynchronized/unioned SP endpoints and moved Java SSO...
2005-06-21 cantorUpdated certs.
2005-06-20 cantorImplement SP authn by credential names via metadata...
2005-06-20 cantorAdded some rarely used methods to sync metadata API...
2005-06-20 cantorAdded some rarely used methods to sync API with C++
2005-06-20 gilbertmove PluggableConfigurationComponent from SP to Common
2005-06-20 cantorBump logging to WARN
2005-06-20 cantorMessed up cast.
2005-06-20 cantorAdded a function to extract possible match names from...
2005-06-20 cantorRenewed for 25 years.
2005-06-20 gilbertcleanup, add checks to arguments and responses, add...
2005-06-20 gilbertchange java.net.URI argument to opensaml URI type ...
2005-06-20 cantorUse protocol support constant instead of literal.
2005-06-20 cantorRemoved unused XML call.
2005-06-20 cantorUse protocol support constant instead of literal.
2005-06-20 cantorMake sure groups have names.
2005-06-19 cantorTypo in log msg.
2005-06-17 gilbertSort out Pluggable interface and delete the middlemen
2005-06-17 gilbertImplement audience/condition tests
2005-06-17 gilbertRemove obsolete schema method from PluggableConfigurati...
2005-06-17 gilbertUpdate to current Trust interface
2005-06-16 gilbertrefine logging
2005-06-16 cantorFix validUntil processing.
2005-06-16 gilbertFix logging config, add log statements
2005-06-16 cantorHad to add Shib prototol support for older metadata.
2005-06-15 cantorLower case a name.
2005-06-15 cantorExample AAP for E-Auth apps.
2005-06-14 cantorAdded parser method that takes a URL to fix metadatatool.
2005-06-14 cantorForget it, this simply can't work well for local files.
2005-06-14 cantorTry a fix where the local file option is the last resort.
2005-06-14 cantorAdd Shibboleth header to SOAP requests.
2005-06-14 cantorAdded version constant.
2005-06-14 cantorWas missing org/contact for SP.
2005-06-14 cantorAllow ShibResources to be relative file paths.
2005-06-13 cantorDetect unreadable file error.
2005-06-13 cantor1.3 metadata patch from SDSS
2005-06-13 cantorPatch from SDSS
2005-06-09 cantorFixed inconsistent shib metadata prefix.
2005-06-09 cantorFixed inconsistent shib metadata prefix.
2005-06-09 gilbertFully enable Server Certificate Trust
2005-06-09 gilbertfix error if logger attribute omitted
2005-06-09 gilbertNow that logger is implemented, it overrides. So it...
2005-06-09 gilbertrename to reflect logger use
2005-06-09 cantorAdded example.edu scope for wayf site.
2005-06-06 gilbertOrganize logging into init, client service, and resourc...
2005-06-06 gilbertJKS versions of the distribute crt and key files
2005-06-06 gilbertinclude a sample log4j properties file
2005-06-01 gilbertAdd ports to URLs.
2005-06-01 gilbertRename AssertionConsumer
2005-06-01 gilbertFix minor issues, make xsd relative for editors
2005-06-01 gilbertNew 1.3 example configuration file for Java SP, mostly...
2005-05-31 cantorRemoved SP locations that only apply to IQ testing.
2005-05-31 cantorUpdated for new server.
2005-05-30 cantorAdded support for errorURL.
2005-05-28 cantorCombine credential blocks.
2005-05-27 wassaPrint idp configuration loading problem to STDERR,...
2005-05-27 wassaAdded an ant task to convert a variable containing...
2005-05-27 cantorUpdated comments.
2005-05-26 cantorAdded consumer services for wayf install of dummy SP.
2005-05-26 cantorBetter results if we add the Bossie intermediate
2005-05-25 wassaExample IdP with commented out inqueue examples and...
2005-05-25 wassaExample configuration uses pem instead of a java keysto...
2005-05-25 wassaUpdated build process per list suggestions.
2005-05-25 cantorFixed IdP metadata
2005-05-24 cantorAdded additional comments.
2005-05-23 cantorRenamed sites files to avoid colliding with 1.2, change...
2005-05-20 wassaMoved java src to apache license.
2005-05-20 wassaPush SAML Attribute namespace configuration into the...
2005-05-20 wassaRemove stray TODO
2005-05-20 wassaFix namespace issue with persistent id.
2005-05-20 wassaShut down gracefully when the config file can't be...
2005-05-20 cantorAdded new targeted ID def
2005-05-20 wassaFix persistent id serialization. Uses DOM instead...
2005-05-19 wassaImplemented new persistent id attribute format in accor...
2005-05-19 wassaPass IdP identifier into resolver interfaces.
2005-05-19 cantorLatest starter set
2005-05-19 cantorObsolete examples.
2005-05-19 cantorUpdate metadata and example key references
2005-05-19 cantorExample metadata for default configuration.
2005-05-19 cantoridp.example.org dummy keypair
2005-05-19 cantorsp.example.org dummy keypair
2005-05-19 wassaLoad log4j properties/xml configuration with the ShibRe...
2005-05-19 wassaDefault statement creator should work with 0 parameters...
2005-05-19 wassaPatch from Chad so that JNDI data connector can optiona...
2005-05-19 wassaPatch from Chad that does default log configuration...
2005-05-18 wassaFirst cut at an examle config for the 1.3 IdP.