Update release notes
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2008-07-23 lajoieAdd bouncy castle to the jars included on the installer...
2008-07-18 putmanbAddress SIDP-209: Enforce metadata SPSSODescriptor...
2008-07-16 rdwhttps://bugs.internet2.edu/jira/browse/SIDP-172
2008-07-16 lajoieAdd method back in so that change for SIDP-203 does...
2008-07-10 lajoieAdd name identifiers and assertion IDs to audit log...
2008-06-19 lajoiealways add audience restriction to condition
2008-06-19 lajoieAdd relying paty as audience of assertions, SIDP-201
2008-06-15 lajoieMake the session cookie secure if the IdP is accepting...
2008-06-15 lajoieFix SIDP-199
2008-06-15 lajoieFix up logging message to be more clear when SP require...
2008-05-28 lajoieFix NPE when message doesn't even manage to be decoded...
2008-05-28 lajoieAsk for fully qualified host name during installation...
2008-05-28 lajoieAdd default security role so Tomcat stops bitching...
2008-05-22 lajoieFix SIDP-189
2008-04-25 lajoieFix MDC import statements
2008-04-24 lajoieMake IdP session ID and principal name available to...
2008-04-18 lajoieAdd explicit option for support SessionNotOnOrAfter...
2008-04-17 lajoieAddress SIDP-167
2008-04-17 lajoieFix typo; SIDP-169
2008-04-17 lajoieProperly set useKeyTab property; SIDP-176
2008-04-17 lajoieNote release attributes when including the attribute...
2008-04-17 lajoieRemove unspec nameid format
2008-04-13 lajoieFix file urls
2008-04-13 lajoieFinish up build
2008-04-13 lajoieClean up assemblies
2008-04-12 lajoieFirst part of mavenizing IdP
2008-03-18 lajoieNPE when previous session + passive auth is used
2008-03-18 lajoieRemove previous session handling from possible login...
2008-03-18 lajoieexplicity set force and passive authentication flags
2008-03-18 lajoieAfter filtering a request check to see if only previous...
2008-03-15 lajoieOnly set default authn method is one is given
2008-03-15 lajoieFix NPE when use has an existing session but is logging...
2008-03-15 lajoieOnly set default authn method is one is given
2008-03-15 lajoieBe sure not to add null values to list
2008-03-15 lajoieTreat unspec authentication method as meaning "any"
2008-03-15 lajoieMoved supported name format determination code up into...
2008-03-12 putmanbChange method signature to take SAML message context...
2008-03-12 putmanbImplement/override methods for destination endpoint...
2008-03-11 lajoieForce nameID encryption if NameIDPolicy requires it
2008-03-11 lajoieApply Scott's NameID patch
2008-03-10 lajoiehex encode random bytes to get session ID
2008-03-10 lajoiefix class name
2008-03-09 lajoieinvoke endpoint selector after setting it all up
2008-03-09 lajoieFix SIDP-160
2008-03-05 lajoieDon't require name identifier in subject
2008-02-29 lajoieFix for multi-hostname machines
2008-02-28 lajoieRemove previous session handler if we're not going...
2008-02-27 lajoietag attempted authentication trip
2008-02-27 lajoiefix up conditional for removing unusable login handlers
2008-02-27 lajoiebit more logging
2008-02-27 lajoieadd some logging
2008-02-26 lajoiesave then commit
2008-02-26 lajoieBe sure to use inbound message issuer and not peer Id
2008-02-26 lajoieLog message typo fix
2008-02-26 lajoieSet communication profile before decoding
2008-02-26 lajoieRemove erroneous setting of the protocol binding in...
2008-02-25 lajoieremove redundant calls
2008-02-25 lajoieOnly create assertions if there is a one or more statem...
2008-02-25 lajoieUse first outbound binding in the case of anonymous RPs
2008-02-25 lajoieFix NPE
2008-02-25 lajoiemove decoing phase into try/catch
2008-02-25 lajoieCatch, and error out, of missing endpoint definition...
2008-02-25 lajoieRevert last change and detect anonymous party earlier...
2008-02-25 lajoiepopulate request context after decoding
2008-02-25 lajoieGenerate endpoint if there is no metadata for the relyi...
2008-02-25 lajoieFix NPE when there is no relying party metadata
2008-02-25 lajoiefix NPE when there is no profile configuration for...
2008-02-25 lajoiefix NPE
2008-02-25 lajoieLots of code cleanup
2008-02-23 wnorrisadd IP Address Authn Handler implementation (SIDP-5)
2008-02-21 lajoieturn off some annoying compiler warnings
2008-02-19 lajoieSet principal name from request attribute
2008-02-19 lajoieAdd explicit PreviousSession support
2008-02-18 lajoieand revert
2008-02-18 lajoiecheck naming option
2008-02-18 lajoieagain.. save THEN commit
2008-02-18 lajoieFix NPE
2008-02-18 lajoieFix typo in default config
2008-02-18 lajoieBit of locking and logging cleanup
2008-02-17 lajoieCleanup service interface, make it easier and less...
2008-02-17 lajoieMore config cleanup
2008-02-17 lajoieFirst pass to clean up config and fix multi serivce...
2008-02-13 putmanbSigner now throws a SignatureException if errors are...
2008-02-12 lajoieAdd authentication method information to the attribute...
2008-02-12 lajoieSupport lookup of session by principal name or session ID
2008-02-12 lajoieBit more work on startup log messages
2008-02-12 lajoieHarmonize startup log messages
2008-02-10 lajoieCorrect unspec name ID format URNs
2008-02-09 lajoieBit of configuration code cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-01-30 lajoieDon't set DNS name in subject locality
2008-01-29 lajoieSet cookie expiration age appropriately, fixes SIDP-143
2008-01-24 lajoieCorrect unspec name id format
2008-01-18 lajoieHandler to server up IdP metadata, not added to default...
2008-01-15 lajoieCode cleanup
2008-01-14 lajoieProperly form path to login servlet
2008-01-12 lajoieSend to internal error page if there is a state problem