Small fixes.
[java-idp.git] / src /
2005-05-19 wassaPatch from Chad that does default log configuration...
2005-05-18 wassaFirst cut at an examle config for the 1.3 IdP.
2005-05-18 wassaSchema fix. Regexes are supported for protocol handler...
2005-05-18 gilbertExtend Trust checking to the SSL session to the AA
2005-05-18 wassaNot used by the java code.
2005-05-18 wassaRemove 1.2 config example.
2005-05-18 wassaRemoved temporary config example.
2005-05-18 wassaInclude providerId parameter in audience of unauthentic...
2005-05-18 cantorLock to SAML 1.1 for now.
2005-05-18 cantorAdded dual version support.
2005-05-18 wassaTypo in credits.
2005-05-18 wassaJDBC dependency statement creator now supports special...
2005-05-18 wassaSynch'd metadata transformation files from /c.
2005-05-18 cantorDangling reference to SAML schema.
2005-05-17 gilbertSP provider ID argument to SAMLRequest
2005-05-17 wassaBetter display.
2005-05-17 wassaInclude providerId parameter in audience of unauthentic...
2005-05-17 wassaFixed NullPointer on requests for which no metadata...
2005-05-17 cantorSync up
2005-05-17 wassaFixed a typo in the logging initializer that was causin...
2005-05-17 wassaImported Will's ant tasks for the install process.
2005-05-17 wassaIntegrated Chad's logging changes:
2005-05-17 gilbertRemove commented out code.
2005-05-17 gilbertUse ShibResource to access all config files
2005-05-17 wassaFixed a small parser bug. Validation was always turned...
2005-05-17 gilbertMake cannonical serialization the default
2005-05-16 cantorAdded stand-alone query role.
2005-05-16 cantorAuthenticate using stand-alone query role.
2005-05-16 wassaIntegrated SCT's attribute definition classes.
2005-05-16 cantorUnofficial CD version of TC-approved metadata extension...
2005-05-16 gilbertUse Cannonicalized serialization for the compare tests
2005-05-15 cantorAdded minOccurs 0 to Key element for use in metadata...
2005-05-15 cantorAdded signing of subelements, profile checking, and...
2005-05-15 cantorFixed KeyInfo and Signature placement bugs.
2005-05-13 wassaDefault protocol handler configuration is used if none...
2005-05-13 wassaIdP Protocol Handlers are now lookup up via regular...
2005-05-13 wassaStripped out some old naming.
2005-05-13 wassaMetadata provider now supports inline metadata specific...
2005-05-12 wassaFixed a small bug with ASN.1 parsing of subject DNs
2005-05-12 wassaRemoved DN parsing code duplication.
2005-05-12 wassaMetadata/Trust matching against CN now uses manual...
2005-05-12 gilbertChange to new element name
2005-05-11 wassaFixed a bug in trust processing that would cause valida...
2005-05-11 wassaFixed a bug that caused the resource to not be evaluate...
2005-05-11 wassaBetter error message. Bugzilla #310
2005-05-11 wassaAdded capability to send attribute names to the transac...
2005-05-11 wassaFixed two bugs in the transaction log output.
2005-05-10 wassaReworked name mapping configuration:
2005-05-10 gilbertAllow search on attribute name without namespace
2005-05-10 wassaForgot to check for bad request location on POSTs.
2005-05-10 wassaFixed a SAML metadata parsing bug.
2005-05-09 wassaChange configuration parameter to reflect that it throt...
2005-05-09 wassaSmall updates in logging and documentation from Chad.
2005-05-09 wassaFixed a typo in config loader logic.
2005-05-09 gilbertUse SchemasResourceListImpl to build config file Schemas
2005-05-09 wassaSmall bug fix. Was checking for the SAML 1.1 URI inste...
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some stale "target" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaDeleted a couple of stray classes.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaDeleted stray class.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved non-sensical comment.
2005-05-06 wassaProvided a mechanism for AuthN systems to supply the...
2005-05-06 wassaMake E-Authentication assurance level configurable.
2005-05-06 wassaSmall update to eAuth error handling.
2005-05-05 cantorPatch to support handling liifetime attribute.
2005-05-05 cantorFixed c14n bug, and added new root element options.
2005-05-05 cantorFixed order of schemas.
2005-05-02 cantorAdded in-memory listener.
2005-05-01 cantorAdd AttributeFactory and DiagnosticService elements.
2005-04-29 wassaRemoved commons-codec dependency.
2005-04-29 wassaPulled the local principal implementation class out...
2005-04-29 wassaBetter name for principal class.
2005-04-29 wassaRemoved a bunch of dependencies on sun-proprietary...
2005-04-29 gilbertlocal variable accidentially hid class field
2005-04-29 gilbertSwitch to new MetadataProvider syntax
2005-04-29 wassaRemoved a small dependency on Sun's JDK classes. (com...
2005-04-29 wassaClarity change requested by Derek Morr.
2005-04-29 wassaA couple of cleanups to the shib handle name identifier...
2005-04-29 cantorRemoved Factory property.
2005-04-28 wassaFixed small bugs in logging and handle expiration logic...
2005-04-28 wassaUpdated stale javadoc. Bugzilla #316.
2005-04-28 wassaUpdated stale javadoc. Bugzilla #315.
2005-04-28 wassaFixed a small logic bug in the name identifier mapping...
2005-04-28 wassaRemoved stale javadoc. Bugzilla #314.
2005-04-28 wassaMethod name change from bugzilla #313.
2005-04-28 wassaIdP no longer sends xerces type hack unless specified...
2005-04-26 wassaMake the example metadata actually work for authN.
2005-04-26 wassaFixed an IdP configuration schema bug.
2005-04-26 wassaClearer javadoc.
2005-04-25 gilbertComment cleanup
2005-04-25 gilbertInitial support for new schema/xmltypes
2005-04-25 gilbertUpdate comment about Trust
2005-04-25 cantorRemoved wildcard.
2005-04-25 cantorChange location of import
2005-04-25 cantorRemoved DTD subset
2005-04-25 cantorUpdate to final, required pair of SAML 2.0 schemas
2005-04-25 cantorRemove unneeded namespace
2005-04-25 gilbertConvert from ITrust to Trust plugin interface