Added support for AA response and assertion signatures.
[java-idp.git] / src / schemas /
2004-03-16 wassaBeginning of expanded signature support. HS signing...
2004-03-16 cantorMark failed connections dead with a retry interval...
2004-03-05 cantorAdded ability to constrain JDBC result set size, min...
2004-02-24 cantorTrust metadata schema
2004-02-16 nlevittConfigure logging with <Logging> element in origin...
2004-02-13 wassaRe-implemented remaining config options for HS.
2004-02-10 cantorCorrected anyURI type reference
2004-02-09 cantorAdded uri attribute to root element.
2004-01-30 wassaConverted Arp Repository Factory and ARP Repositories...
2004-01-29 wassaAdded ARP engine config to schema.
2004-01-27 wassaSAML auth method can be set by site, overriden by relyi...
2004-01-23 wassaGet rid of <RelyingPartyGroup/>. Use <RelyingParty...
2004-01-23 wassaSingular attribute name.
2004-01-23 wassaAdd defaultRelyingParty attribute.
2004-01-22 wassaAdd strawman for new origin config.
2004-01-21 wassaAdd schema for Name Identifier Mappings and schema...
2003-12-11 wassaImplemented Scott's suggestions for the credential...
2003-12-03 wassaAdd support to the File Credential Resolver for loading...
2003-12-02 wassaUpdated credentials schema.
2003-11-17 cantorAdded default value for validationQuery.
2003-11-13 cantorAdd attributes to JDBC connector
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-13 cantorAdded JDBC property element, and failover dependency.
2003-09-05 wassaSynched from /c.
2003-08-25 cantorRemoved empty string extension.
2003-08-19 wassaMoved to use of prepared statements for JDBC connector.
2003-08-11 cantorAdded dependency support to DataConnectors
2003-07-25 wassaMake JDBCDataConnector an element in resolver config.
2003-07-22 wassaAdded persistant ID attribute definition to resolver...
2003-06-27 cantorAdded schema to support attribute config via AAP files.
2003-06-10 wassaFixed annotations in metadata schema.
2003-06-09 cantorSync'd up with C version.
2003-06-09 cantorRemoved.
2003-04-19 cantorAdded contact info to site metadata.
2003-04-07 wassaImport of attribute resolver code.
2003-03-05 wassaFixed incorrect use of schema annotations.
2003-03-01 cantorAllow empty policy.
2003-03-01 wassaRemoved stupid comment.
2003-02-28 cantorChange to attribute name.
2003-01-24 wassaAdded namespace to ARP schema. Added default namespace...
2003-01-22 wassaAdded Rule Reference to ARP schema at Bob's request.
2003-01-21 wassaAdded ARP schema.
2002-12-23 cantorAdded AAP elements to schema.
2002-12-17 cantoradded regexp support to Domain element
2002-10-31 cantorno message
2002-06-25 wassaModified WAYF site configuration so that xml schema
2002-06-20 wassaAdded configurability for domain and expiration to...
2002-06-20 cantorHad to add Scope attribute to derived types (Xerces...
2002-06-17 wassaConverted to use separate wayf config file and sites...
2002-06-12 cantorExplicit xml prefix.
2002-06-12 cantorAdded site groups.
2002-06-11 cantorFactored out SiteType.
2002-06-08 cantorno message
2002-06-08 cantorFixed element name.
2002-06-08 cantorAdded origin site elements.
2002-06-08 cantorno message
2002-06-07 cantorInitial import