Added option to Simple Attribute Definition PlugIn to force values to lower case...
[java-idp.git] / src / schemas / shibboleth.xsd
2004-04-26 cantorSync back up to other copy.
2004-03-23 cantorSync up with latest C++ version
2003-09-05 wassaSynched from /c.
2003-06-27 cantorAdded schema to support attribute config via AAP files.
2003-06-10 wassaFixed annotations in metadata schema.
2003-06-09 cantorSync'd up with C version.
2003-04-19 cantorAdded contact info to site metadata.
2003-03-05 wassaFixed incorrect use of schema annotations.
2002-12-17 cantoradded regexp support to Domain element
2002-06-12 cantorExplicit xml prefix.
2002-06-12 cantorAdded site groups.
2002-06-11 cantorFactored out SiteType.
2002-06-08 cantorFixed element name.
2002-06-08 cantorAdded origin site elements.
2002-06-07 cantorInitial import