Set endorsed property based on location of batch file.
[java-idp.git] / src / main / webapp /
2008-12-19 lajoieNote that disabling cookies will cause problems - SIDP-267
2008-12-19 lajoieMake IdP display its metadata when you hit the entity...
2008-12-15 lajoieFix NPE in container-managed loging error page
2008-11-26 lajoieAuthenticationEngine::returnToAuthenticationEngine...
2008-11-08 cantorFix misnamed role name.
2008-11-03 cantorMissing closing tag.
2008-10-27 lajoieonly apply session filter to profile requests
2008-09-19 lajoieDo not take information from request parameters which...
2008-08-31 lajoieRework authentication and session management code:
2008-05-28 lajoieAdd default security role so Tomcat stops bitching...
2008-04-17 lajoieAddress SIDP-167
2008-04-13 lajoieFix file urls
2008-04-12 lajoieFirst part of mavenizing IdP