Merge remote branch 'tags/2.3.4'
[java-idp.git] / src / installer / resources / conf-tmpl / handler.xml
2011-10-27 Tamas FrankMerge remote branch 'tags/2.3.4' master v2.3.4
2011-10-09 lajoieRemove use of EntitiesDescriptor names from example...
2011-07-25 Tamas FrankMerge branch 'master' into frontchannel-slo v2.3.2-slo10
2011-06-02 lajoiefix up mime types and EOL style
2011-05-19 Tamas FrankMerge branch 'master' into frontchannel-slo v2.3.0-slo10
2011-05-01 lajoieAdd configuration code for external authentication...
2011-04-06 cantorSIDP-478: ECP profile support
2011-02-09 cantorSIDP-461: Legacy Shib SSO protocol for IdP-initiated...
2010-11-24 Adam LantosFix XML schema prefixes in configuration templates
2010-10-07 Adam LantosMerge branch 'master' into frontchannel-slo v2.2.0-slo8
2010-08-24 lajoieFix up config typos and loggin configs
2010-08-03 lajoieDeclare all namespaces at top, use prefixed names for...
2009-08-10 Adam LantosConfiguration and metadata template added for SLO.
2008-08-28 lajoieFix up static SAML metadata provider and add it to...
2008-04-12 lajoieFirst part of mavenizing IdP