Implement config wiring changes related to artifact map and JOST-110:
[java-idp.git] / src / installer / resources / build.xml
2009-12-16 lajoie
2009-09-25 lajoie
2008-12-02 lajoiemake sure old library versions are properly cleaned...
2008-11-03 lajoiefix bug during clean build
2008-11-03 lajoieEnsure the servlet API (needed by the aacli) is on...
2008-10-15 lajoieEnsure WAR is regenerated and installed even - SIDP-237
2008-09-03 lajoieMake installer script better handle upgrades
2008-05-28 lajoieAsk for fully qualified host name during installation...
2008-04-13 lajoieFinish up build
2008-04-13 lajoieClean up assemblies
2008-04-12 lajoieFirst part of mavenizing IdP