remove redundant calls
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2008-02-25 lajoieremove redundant calls
2008-02-25 lajoieOnly create assertions if there is a one or more statem...
2008-02-25 lajoieUse first outbound binding in the case of anonymous RPs
2008-02-25 lajoieFix NPE
2008-02-25 lajoiemove decoing phase into try/catch
2008-02-25 lajoieCatch, and error out, of missing endpoint definition...
2008-02-25 lajoieRevert last change and detect anonymous party earlier...
2008-02-25 lajoiepopulate request context after decoding
2008-02-25 lajoieGenerate endpoint if there is no metadata for the relyi...
2008-02-25 lajoieFix NPE when there is no relying party metadata
2008-02-25 lajoiefix NPE when there is no profile configuration for...
2008-02-25 lajoiefix NPE
2008-02-25 lajoieLots of code cleanup
2008-02-23 wnorrisadd IP Address Authn Handler implementation (SIDP-5)
2008-02-21 lajoieturn off some annoying compiler warnings
2008-02-19 lajoieSet principal name from request attribute
2008-02-19 lajoieAdd explicit PreviousSession support
2008-02-18 lajoieand revert
2008-02-18 lajoiecheck naming option
2008-02-18 lajoieagain.. save THEN commit
2008-02-18 lajoieFix NPE
2008-02-18 lajoieFix typo in default config
2008-02-18 lajoieBit of locking and logging cleanup
2008-02-17 lajoieCleanup service interface, make it easier and less...
2008-02-17 lajoieMore config cleanup
2008-02-17 lajoieFirst pass to clean up config and fix multi serivce...
2008-02-13 putmanbSigner now throws a SignatureException if errors are...
2008-02-12 lajoieAdd authentication method information to the attribute...
2008-02-12 lajoieSupport lookup of session by principal name or session ID
2008-02-12 lajoieBit more work on startup log messages
2008-02-12 lajoieHarmonize startup log messages
2008-02-10 lajoieCorrect unspec name ID format URNs
2008-02-09 lajoieBit of configuration code cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-02-08 lajoieJavadoc cleanup
2008-01-30 lajoieDon't set DNS name in subject locality
2008-01-29 lajoieSet cookie expiration age appropriately, fixes SIDP-143
2008-01-24 lajoieCorrect unspec name id format
2008-01-18 lajoieHandler to server up IdP metadata, not added to default...
2008-01-15 lajoieCode cleanup
2008-01-14 lajoieProperly form path to login servlet
2008-01-12 lajoieSend to internal error page if there is a state problem
2008-01-12 lajoieProbably don't want to return an attribute statement...
2008-01-12 lajoieReorder calls so as not to change a comitted request
2008-01-12 lajoieMore cleanup and logging
2008-01-12 lajoieBe sure to reattach login context to request when sendi...
2008-01-12 lajoieRemove use of http session in a couple more places
2008-01-12 lajoieBit of logging
2008-01-12 lajoieEnsure login context is bound to the request by the...
2008-01-12 lajoieBit more logging and some code cleanup
2008-01-12 lajoieCorrect NPE when user doesn't have an initial session
2008-01-12 lajoieAuthentication engine rewrite to properly support force...
2008-01-11 lajoieadd some logging and error checking
2008-01-10 lajoieAllow login.jsp tobe used by either container or IdP...
2008-01-10 lajoieDown level filter logging messages
2008-01-10 lajoieDon't check cookie domain and path, they aren't sent...
2008-01-10 lajoieDon't use domain based cookie
2008-01-10 lajoieBit of code fixup and add some loggin
2008-01-10 lajoiefix domain checking when looking for idp session cookie.
2008-01-10 lajoieRequire AuthN engine to set session cookie when it...
2008-01-10 lajoieadd some logging
2008-01-10 lajoiepull shib session from HttpSession if it's not in the...
2008-01-10 lajoiePull session from request when creating outbound cookie
2008-01-10 lajoieuse null safe equality checks
2008-01-10 lajoieoopss. forgot to save before last comit
2008-01-10 lajoieBind session to request once authentication is complete
2008-01-10 lajoieLots of session management cleanup; no longer dependent...
2008-01-10 lajoieAdd message associated with artifact into resolution...
2008-01-09 lajoieSynch up with artifact map changes
2008-01-08 lajoieproperly populate outbound message issuer ID
2008-01-08 lajoiecorrect class cast
2008-01-08 lajoieSupport for conditional encryption and signing based...
2008-01-08 lajoieclean up/optimize equals() and hashCode() methods
2008-01-08 lajoieFix NPE if attribute statement is null
2008-01-07 wnorrisfix redirect loop within authentication engine
2008-01-07 wnorrisredo fix for handling passive authentication.
2008-01-05 lajoieMinor default config fix ups
2007-12-31 lajoieCheckstyle cleanups
2007-12-31 lajoieAdd container session listener that will destroy IdP...
2007-12-18 lajoieFix NPE if message does not contain a subject - address...
2007-12-18 lajoieFix log typos
2007-12-17 lajoieAttempt to honor force authentication flag - addresses...
2007-12-17 lajoieFix some log message typos
2007-12-17 lajoieAddress SIDP-95 (what kind of freak sends an Authn...
2007-12-15 lajoieFix logging message, addresses SIDP-90
2007-12-15 lajoieFix SIDP-85; SAML 1 endpoint would have exhibited the...
2007-12-15 lajoieFix SIDP-72, for real this time.
2007-12-15 lajoieSupport Subjects identified in AuthN request. Fixes...
2007-12-14 lajoieBe more exact on SAML 2 version check
2007-12-12 lajoiemake sure conditions get set
2007-12-12 lajoietemporary fix for SIDP-72 so Nate can continue testing
2007-12-11 lajoieAllow login handlers to indicate which authentication...
2007-11-30 lajoieBetter example resolver and filter files
2007-11-23 lajoieFix bug SIDP-58
2007-11-23 lajoieCorrect bug SIDP-61
2007-11-14 lajoieCode to encrypt assertions
2007-11-14 lajoiepull entity peer entity ID from correct parameter
2007-11-14 lajoieFirst pass at supporting NameID encryption