SDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / wayf /
2005-11-12 lajoieSDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
2005-09-28 lajoieMajor WAYF code clean up removing needed for Digester...
2005-09-26 lajoieAdded support for setting file locations via Context...
2005-07-18 cantorWayf changes for new metadata, plus more caching options.
2005-05-20 wassaMoved java src to apache license.
2004-04-30 wassaAlways set time with WAYF, even for 1.1 requests.
2004-04-13 wassaWAYF now passes through providerId parameter sent by...
2004-02-10 wassaFix background thread cleanup.
2003-11-12 wassaMake WAYF reload sites file when it changes.
2003-10-29 wassaBegin adding support for metadata reloading in WAYF.
2003-03-06 wassaRevamped the wayf interface a bit.
2003-03-06 wassaOrigins listed in alphabetical order. Corrected noCach...
2003-03-06 wassaGET parameter that causes the WAYF to bypass caching.
2003-03-05 wassaMoved WAYF config to CLASSPATH.
2003-02-24 wassaMove to API that is not deprecated.
2002-08-30 wassaFixed problem where drop down list was submitting displ...
2002-07-26 wassaFixed a bug where the form tag's action attribute was...
2002-06-25 wassaAdded Shibboleth license to java source files.
2002-06-20 wassaAdded configurability for domain and expiration to...
2002-06-20 wassaAdded some javadoc.
2002-06-19 wassaMoved custom error handler into matching digester class.
2002-06-19 wassaSetup validation for WAYF configuration files.
2002-06-17 wassaConverted to use separate wayf config file and sites...
2002-06-14 wassaRemoved logger init (now shared in a separate servlet).
2002-05-30 wassaAdded Log4J initilization to WAYF servlet.
2002-05-30 wassaAdded no-cache date header to the WAYF response for...
2002-05-30 wassaCleaned up the WAYF javadoc somewhat.
2002-05-30 wassaChanged the name of the WAYF servlet (for clarity).