More work on profile handlers, still have some more refactoring to do
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / idp /
2007-05-13 lajoieMore work on profile handlers, still have some more...
2007-05-07 dmorrcompile fixes for saml2 authnreq
2007-05-03 lajoieLots of profile request dispatcher work:
2007-04-24 lajoieOverwrite existing code
2007-04-23 lajoieFix generic type problem
2007-04-23 lajoieLots o' profile handler refactoring
2007-04-20 dmorrfixes for saml 2 authnreq
2007-04-20 dmorrmore fixes
2007-04-20 dfisherMoved issuer and destination into the response context.
2007-04-19 dfisherRenamed AttributeQuery to AbstractAttributeQuery.
2007-04-19 dfisherAdded a providerId getter as a convenience.
2007-04-19 dfisherCommented out XMLBuilder code for now so AttributeQuery...
2007-04-17 lajoieremove generic encoding/decoding methods
2007-04-17 lajoieUpdate to use new profile handler code.
2007-04-16 dmorrfixes
2007-04-12 lajoieremove encoding and decoding related items from request...
2007-04-11 lajoieBegin fleshing out request/response profile objects
2007-04-11 lajoieDump remaining old code
2007-04-03 lajoieCreate parser pool interface and move current pool...
2007-03-30 dfisherModified method signatures to use ProfileRequest and...
2007-03-30 dmorrsecond draft of authn request; clean up abstract profil...
2007-03-30 dmorrreformat with eclipse.
2007-03-30 dmorrreformat using eclipse's autoformatter. now if i could...
2007-03-30 dmorrremove javolution; reformat to make Chad happy
2007-03-19 dmorrrough draft of SAML 2 Authn Request handler
2007-03-15 dmorrremove javolution
2007-03-13 dfisherMoving to shib-common
2007-03-09 dmorrrough draft of saml 1 sso handler
2007-03-08 dfisherModified Attribute Query to use Attribute Authority...
2007-03-07 lajoieDump some old code
2007-02-26 dmorruse the new session manager interface
2007-02-21 dmorrfix authn classes, per chad's comments
2007-02-19 lajoieFlesh out some session management interfaces
2007-02-12 lajoieRemove old classes
2007-02-12 dfisherInitial import.
2007-02-12 dfisherWorking with Chad...
2007-02-12 dfisherInitial implementation.
2007-02-05 dmorrip address handler
2007-02-05 dmorrget rid of handlerinfo
2007-01-31 dmorrfirst pass at authnmgr
2007-01-28 lajoieAlign project layout and build files (round 1)
2007-01-24 lajoieVery basic request distpatching functionality
2006-11-24 lajoieAdd logout method
2006-11-16 lajoieMove to using code and libs in shib-common
2006-11-12 lajoieListener for user session timeouts
2006-11-12 lajoieFew more Spring libs
2006-11-12 lajoieStubs for SAML 1, 2, Shib 1, and ADFS profile handlers
2006-11-12 lajoieInitial session classes
2006-11-10 lajoieRemove supported context, move this to authentication...
2006-11-10 lajoieMore explict documentation about how the hanlder operates
2006-11-09 lajoiePass in whether to force authentication
2006-11-09 lajoieAuthenticationManager class holder
2006-11-09 lajoieCorrect method name
2006-11-09 lajoieInitial authentication handler interface
2006-09-25 wassaRefactorings that serve as the groundwork for adding...
2006-09-18 wassaNameMapper won't be used in 2.0.
2006-09-18 wassaRipped out stale 1.3 XML parsing code.
2006-09-12 wassaMore re-organization of the Relying Party code in order...
2006-09-11 wassaRe-organization of the Relying Party code in order...
2006-09-08 wassaExtracted unneeded legacy code.
2006-09-06 wassaAdded handler stubs for SAML2 functionality we intend...
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated attribute request handler to honor new interface.
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated artifact request handler to honor new interface.
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated ADFS request handler to honor new interface.
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated request handler to honor new interface.
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated SSO request handler to honor new interface.
2006-09-05 wassaGenericized the protocol handler interface in preperati...
2006-08-29 wassaThe IdP has to init() the OpenSAML library or it croaks.
2006-07-28 wassaMore work on the move to OpenSAML2-based trust.
2006-07-27 wassaBegan the move to OpenSAML2-based trust.
2006-07-25 wassaConverting to new OpenSAML interfaces.
2006-07-25 wassaRip out custom <md:AttributeRequesterDescriptor/> suppo...
2006-07-25 wassaTrack requested interface changes in OpenSAML
2006-07-12 wassaConverting to OpenSAML metadata implementation.
2006-07-12 wassaUpdated class to track OpeSAML interface changes.
2006-07-11 wassaConverting to OpenSAML metadata implementation.
2006-07-06 wassaAdded new ARP Constraint functionality (thanks to Will...
2006-05-24 wassaCode cleanup: removed some Shibboleth 1.1 compatibility...
2006-05-12 wassaFixed minor bugs introduced with recent ARP Engine...
2006-05-04 wassaMinor cleanups to avoid compiler warnings.
2006-05-02 wassaCode cleanups in preparation for 2.0 work. Ripped...
2006-04-28 wassaCode cleanups in preparation for 2.0 work.
2006-01-23 wassaAdded attribute support to ADFS handler.
2006-01-20 lajoieAdded name of default relying party to log message...
2005-11-12 lajoieSDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
2005-11-10 wassaLeave the namespaces inside the SAML Assertion, since...
2005-11-10 wassaProper encoding of wresult.
2005-11-10 wassaA few minor bug fixes to the IdP ADFS support.
2005-11-09 wassaSmall logging typo.
2005-11-09 wassaFirst cut at implementing IdP ADFS interoperability.
2005-10-14 wassaImported Will's automated blackbox IdP tests. Hooray!
2005-08-25 wassaCleanup.
2005-08-25 wassaRemove uneeded exception.
2005-08-25 wassaMeant to change this with the last checkin.
2005-08-25 wassaLionshare protocol handler needs access to some protoco...
2005-08-23 gilbertExtract constant "false" to field so default for Attrib...
2005-08-05 cantorSet thread cap to a reasonable default.
2005-07-21 wassaAdded a protocol handler that makes it possible to...
2005-07-08 wassaMoved E-Auth plugin to a separate cvs project.
2005-07-08 wassaCleanups.