Small update to eAuth error handling.
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / idp / provider /
2005-05-06 wassaSmall update to eAuth error handling.
2005-04-29 wassaBetter name for principal class.
2005-04-28 wassaIdP no longer sends xerces type hack unless specified...
2005-04-12 wassaDon't send audeince restrictions to eAuth providers.
2005-04-08 wassaRemoved println.
2005-04-08 wassaFixed a transaction log bug.
2005-04-07 wassaA couple of small eAuth bug fixes.
2005-04-05 wassaAdded eAuth profile error handling.
2005-04-05 wassaFirst cut at a protocol handler for federal e-auth.
2005-04-04 wassaRemoved superfluous base 64 encoding/decoding.
2005-03-22 wassaSmall refactoring.
2005-03-15 wassaLoad IdP protocol handlers based on idp.xml configuration.
2005-03-14 wassaMore work fleshing out the protocol handlers.