Create parser pool interface and move current pool to an implementation of this inter...
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / idp / provider /
2006-09-05 wassaUpdated ADFS request handler to honor new interface.
2006-07-25 wassaConverting to new OpenSAML interfaces.
2006-07-12 wassaConverting to OpenSAML metadata implementation.
2006-05-12 wassaFixed minor bugs introduced with recent ARP Engine...
2006-04-28 wassaCode cleanups in preparation for 2.0 work.
2006-01-23 wassaAdded attribute support to ADFS handler.
2005-11-10 wassaLeave the namespaces inside the SAML Assertion, since...
2005-11-10 wassaProper encoding of wresult.
2005-11-10 wassaA few minor bug fixes to the IdP ADFS support.
2005-11-09 wassaFirst cut at implementing IdP ADFS interoperability.