Populate relay state in outgoing messages
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / idp / profile / saml2 / AttributeQueryProfileHandler.java
2007-07-09 lajoiePopulate relay state in outgoing messages
2007-06-20 lajoieCheck if relying party is configured for a particular...
2007-06-18 lajoieFix compile time generics error
2007-06-17 lajoieDrive relying party endpoint selection off of metadata
2007-06-10 lajoiecheck SAML versions on requests
2007-06-09 lajoieReworked Shib SSO profile handler
2007-06-08 lajoieConfiguration code for SAML 2 SSO profile handler
2007-06-07 lajoieMore refactoring, moving more into the abstract SAML...
2007-06-05 lajoieNow with SAML 1 attribute query goodness (though not...
2007-06-04 lajoiePolicy based NameID format and assertion signing code
2007-06-04 lajoieLots of code cleanup