fix NPE
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / idp / profile / saml2 /
2008-02-25 lajoieLots of code cleanup
2008-01-10 lajoieAdd message associated with artifact into resolution...
2008-01-09 lajoieSynch up with artifact map changes
2008-01-08 lajoieproperly populate outbound message issuer ID
2008-01-08 lajoieSupport for conditional encryption and signing based...
2007-12-15 lajoieFix logging message, addresses SIDP-90
2007-11-05 lajoieAttempt to fix some NPEs when information is not availa...
2007-11-01 lajoieActually provide the SecurityPolicyResolver to the...
2007-10-30 lajoieSecurity policy work round two, now wired into the IdP
2007-10-29 lajoieMerge in new logging system.
2007-10-24 wnorrisbetter handling when endpoints are accessed directly...
2007-09-18 lajoieSAML 2 artifact unit tests and associated bug fixes
2007-09-16 lajoieBasic SAML 1 artifact resolution unit test
2007-09-13 lajoieAdd in SAML 1 and 2 Artifact resolution profile handler...
2007-09-07 lajoieSAML 1 Attribute Query unit test and bug fixes
2007-09-06 lajoieHave decoders extract basic SAML message information...
2007-08-23 lajoieSynch up with minor artifact map changes
2007-08-21 lajoieFixup artifact decoders
2007-08-19 lajoieImplement stubbed out Artifact encoders and decoders
2007-08-18 lajoieSAML v1 artifact request endpoint
2007-08-18 lajoieSAML v2 artifact resolver endpoint
2007-08-13 lajoieMostly synched with OpenSAML changes
2007-05-16 lajoieSynch with current profile handler interfaces
2007-05-13 lajoieMore work on profile handlers, still have some more...
2007-04-17 lajoieUpdate to use new profile handler code.
2007-03-30 dfisherModified method signatures to use ProfileRequest and...
2006-11-16 lajoieMove to using code and libs in shib-common
2006-11-12 lajoieStubs for SAML 1, 2, Shib 1, and ADFS profile handlers