The HS now validates providerId -> authN consumer URL unions against federation metadata.
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / hs /
2004-03-26 wassaThe HS now validates providerId -> authN consumer URL...
2004-03-16 wassaImproved HS transaction log message by adding separate...
2004-02-16 nlevittConfigure logging with <Logging> element in origin...
2004-02-12 wassaDelay this until better use case is formed.
2004-02-10 wassaFix background thread cleanup.
2004-02-04 wassaCode cleanups.
2004-02-04 wassaPatch from Noah. Push up refactoring for parsing of...
2004-02-04 wassaFixed a few bugs caused by the conversion away from...
2004-02-04 wassaMoved away from internal use of java Properties.
2004-01-30 wassaStarted moving from Properties config parameters to...
2004-01-30 wassaPulled up parser loading into a base class.
2004-01-29 wassaAA compiles again.
2004-01-27 nlevittTransaction log for HS.
2004-01-27 wassaSAML auth method can be set by site, overriden by relyi...
2004-01-24 wassaHS now uses Name Identifier mappings based on Relying...
2004-01-23 wassaFleshed out support for configuration based on Relying...
2004-01-23 wassaStarted to implement config settings based on Relying...
2004-01-22 wassaMore work converting to multi-federation HS.
2004-01-22 wassaHandleServlet uses new POSTProfile method.
2004-01-22 wassaStart to convert HS to new config.
2003-12-10 cantorAdded a semaphore to throttle the number of active...
2003-08-25 wassaAdded origin audit logging.
2003-07-12 cantorProvide support for other SAML NameID formats.
2003-06-18 wassaUpdated to InQueue as default audience.
2003-06-11 wassaProper error message when private key cannot be located.
2003-06-11 wassaTrim trailing whitespace from config properties, since...
2003-05-30 wassaChanged the default and example audiences.
2003-05-23 wassaDowncase default InCommon URNs.
2003-05-21 wassaChanged config property to reflect the fact that we...
2003-04-16 wassaAuthenticationMethod sent in HS SAML response is now...
2003-04-16 wassaMoved to latest OpenSAML.
2003-04-10 wassaCatch Exception and log error when cert alias is specif...
2003-04-07 wassaStart of AA conversion to attribute resolver.
2003-03-18 cantorAdded back support for customized username header.
2003-02-27 wassaTake out message that logs before the map is set.
2003-02-24 wassaDeleted unneeded imports.
2003-02-19 wassaExplicitly close some streams.
2003-02-19 wassaMade audience URIs configurable.
2003-02-19 wassaHS checks for all required configuration properties...
2003-02-18 wassaConfig to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved handle secret keystore to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved origin properties file to classpath.
2003-02-17 wassaChanged origin to use new policy URI.
2003-02-11 wassaMore specific errors in the HS.
2003-02-11 wassaError handling for AQH creation.
2003-02-11 wassaTweaked the log4j configuration a little and added...
2003-02-07 wassaMore Crypto Handle Repository work.
2003-02-06 wassaChanged HandleRepository interface to reference a speci...
2003-02-04 wassaShort circuit HS processing after displaying error...
2003-02-04 wassaMoved HS configuration to java Properties.
2003-01-31 wassaStarted to convert HS to new handle repository interface.
2002-12-04 cantorAllow an empty authType.
2002-09-17 wassaMore log interleaving.
2002-09-03 wassaAdded dumping of the saml response in debug mode.
2002-08-12 cantorAdded option to indirect username from different header
2002-08-07 cantorAdded logging of handle mappings via log4j
2002-06-25 blkupdated context properly
2002-06-25 wassaAdded Shibboleth license to java source files.
2002-06-25 blkchanged code for reading in sql vars, and synchronously...
2002-06-20 blkadded more logging foo:
2002-06-19 blklogging foo
2002-06-18 blkadded eduPerson init to HS
2002-06-17 blkhanding hrf object to AA for in memory use
2002-06-14 blkadded support to the hs for option of in memory cache...
2002-06-13 blkAssertion->Response
2002-06-12 blkworking HS?
2002-06-12 blkjust cleaning up for the night
2002-06-12 blkadded keystore security stuff:q
2002-06-11 blkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
2002-06-11 blkadded appropriate package into to header
2002-06-11 blkmoving cmu handle service files to hs tree