Check for a null request, which seems to happen if you issue a GET.
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / common /
2005-06-20 gilbertmove PluggableConfigurationComponent from SP to Common
2005-06-20 cantorMessed up cast.
2005-06-20 cantorAdded a function to extract possible match names from...
2005-06-20 gilbertcleanup, add checks to arguments and responses, add...
2005-06-20 cantorMake sure groups have names.
2005-06-17 gilbertSort out Pluggable interface and delete the middlemen
2005-06-17 gilbertUpdate to current Trust interface
2005-06-14 cantorForget it, this simply can't work well for local files.
2005-06-14 cantorTry a fix where the local file option is the last resort.
2005-06-14 cantorAdded version constant.
2005-06-14 cantorAllow ShibResources to be relative file paths.
2005-05-20 wassaMoved java src to apache license.
2005-05-18 cantorAdded dual version support.
2005-05-17 wassaIntegrated Chad's logging changes:
2005-05-16 cantorAdded stand-alone query role.
2005-05-12 wassaFixed a small bug with ASN.1 parsing of subject DNs
2005-05-12 wassaRemoved DN parsing code duplication.
2005-05-11 wassaFixed a bug in trust processing that would cause valida...
2005-05-10 wassaReworked name mapping configuration:
2005-05-09 wassaSmall updates in logging and documentation from Chad.
2005-05-09 wassaFixed a typo in config loader logic.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some stale "target" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaDeleted a couple of stray classes.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaDeleted stray class.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-05-06 wassaRemoved some old "origin" naming.
2005-04-29 wassaPulled the local principal implementation class out...
2005-04-29 wassaBetter name for principal class.
2005-04-29 wassaRemoved a bunch of dependencies on sun-proprietary...
2005-04-29 wassaClarity change requested by Derek Morr.
2005-04-29 wassaA couple of cleanups to the shib handle name identifier...
2005-04-28 wassaFixed small bugs in logging and handle expiration logic...
2005-04-28 wassaUpdated stale javadoc. Bugzilla #316.
2005-04-28 wassaUpdated stale javadoc. Bugzilla #315.
2005-04-28 wassaFixed a small logic bug in the name identifier mapping...
2005-04-28 wassaRemoved stale javadoc. Bugzilla #314.
2005-04-28 wassaMethod name change from bugzilla #313.
2005-04-28 wassaIdP no longer sends xerces type hack unless specified...
2005-04-26 wassaClearer javadoc.
2005-04-24 cantorAPI change in SAMLSubject
2005-04-12 gilbertValidate Signatures
2005-04-11 cantorAdjustments to trust interface and providers for token...
2005-04-08 wassaInline CRLs in the metadata are now honored during...
2005-04-07 wassaRefactorings on the Trust code. (Extracted an interface...
2005-04-05 wassaFirst cut at a protocol handler for federal e-auth.
2005-04-04 wassaFixed a bug caused by recent class moves.
2005-04-04 wassaGet rid of /hs package
2005-04-04 wassaWorking pkix verify depth constraint.
2005-04-03 wassaMore junit tests.
2005-04-03 wassaMore junit tests.
2005-04-02 wassaWorking junit tests for pkix validation, both at the...
2005-04-02 wassaFixed a couple of bugs in the IdP trust validation.
2005-04-02 wassaMore logging.
2005-04-01 wassaFirst cut at PKIX validation for IdP.
2005-03-31 wassaWorking test for metadata-inline X509 certs.
2005-03-29 wassaStub IdP trust validator.
2005-03-28 cantorMismatched parameter.
2005-03-24 wassaSome small refactorings and cleanups.
2005-03-24 wassaCompleted Type 2 artifact support.
2005-03-23 wassaBegan implementing support for sending type 2 artifacts.
2005-03-21 wassaRationalized signing support. Profile requirements...
2005-03-18 wassaBetter debug logging.
2005-03-18 wassaBetter algorithm for determining SSO profile in effect...
2005-03-18 wassaProfile defaults for attribute push can now be overidde...
2005-03-16 wassaOrganized imports.
2005-03-15 wassaUpdated component naming.
2005-03-09 cantorForgot to correct namespace.
2005-03-08 cantorPort of new AAP plugin.
2005-03-03 wassaMore re-architecting of the IdP servlet.
2005-03-03 cantorMetadata support for old and new schemas, and API changes.
2005-03-02 wassaNew parser wants namespace spec.
2005-03-01 wassaMore IdP cleanups. Beginning the move to new naming...
2005-03-01 wassaExceptions should be bubbling up from the XML parser.
2005-03-01 cantorSeparate metadata extension schema.
2005-03-01 wassaMove IdP toward using metadata to determine whether...
2005-02-28 wassaMore AA & HS unification (merged separate relying party...
2005-02-28 wassaMore work on unifying the AA and HS servlets.
2005-02-11 cantorPatches for opensaml profile/binding changes.
2005-01-27 gilbertReplace DOMParser with calls to pool or helper class.
2005-01-26 wassaAdded support for starttls and sasl EXTERNAL authentica...
2005-01-11 wassaUnifed NameMapper and HSNameMapper interfaces for use...
2005-01-04 wassaFixed incorrect unit test and corresponding bug in...
2004-10-28 gilbertAdd constant schema names and other strings
2004-10-28 gilbertDefault resources from WEB-INF by choosing a class
2004-10-28 gilbertAttributeRule interface for objects returned by AAP
2004-10-28 gilbertAAP interface to be implemented by any AAP pluggable
2004-09-18 wassaMoved name qualifer checking from the AA servlet into...
2004-09-18 wassaMove hard-coded test principal into its own NameIdentif...
2004-09-08 wassaMake sure we close the inputstream when loading credent...
2004-09-08 wassaFixed leaking file descriptors for file:// based URL...
2004-05-12 cantorLog full exception chain.
2004-04-27 wassaAdded support for SubjectAltName and "SSL hostname...
2004-04-23 wassaSlightly better matching when pulling hostnames out...
2004-04-23 wassaAdded support for using the default relying party in...
2004-04-16 cantorForgot to clear buffer between schema loads
2004-03-29 cantorMoved to utils.
2004-03-28 cantorMade entity resolver visible
2004-03-28 cantorAdded trust schema
2004-03-26 wassaFederation metadata is now used for Relying Party looku...