Fixed incorrect unit test and corresponding bug in the DN extraction code.
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / common /
2005-01-04 wassaFixed incorrect unit test and corresponding bug in...
2004-04-27 wassaAdded support for SubjectAltName and "SSL hostname...
2004-04-23 wassaSlightly better matching when pulling hostnames out...
2004-03-16 wassaBeginning of expanded signature support. HS signing...
2004-02-04 wassaMoved away from internal use of java Properties.
2004-01-24 wassaFix NullPointers when providerId is unknown.
2004-01-23 wassaOuch! Identity providerId, not Service providerId.
2004-01-23 wassaDetect whether we are talking to a 1.1 or older target...
2004-01-22 wassaMore work converting to multi-federation HS.
2004-01-22 wassaBase POST profile behavior on dynamically supplied...
2004-01-22 wassaConvert ShibPOSTProfile to use new NameIdentifier and...
2004-01-20 wassaMore name mapping updates.
2003-07-12 cantorProvide support for other SAML NameID formats.
2003-05-03 cantorSplit processing in profile
2003-05-03 cantorNew sig API
2003-03-06 cantorAdded format URI.
2003-02-24 wassaDeleted unneeded imports.
2003-01-25 cantorAlign with new SAML APIs.
2002-11-02 cantoradded logging to verify
2002-10-31 cantorpatches for new XML interface in OpenSAML
2002-09-04 wassaMore SHIRE logging.
2002-09-02 cantorFixed bug in verification that fails any time a bad...
2002-08-06 cantorExposed replay cache to SHIRE
2002-08-06 cantorChanges to POST profile interface
2002-06-25 wassaAdded Shibboleth license to java source files.
2002-06-17 cantorAdded stack trace dumps.
2002-06-06 wassaUpdated OpenSAML library.