cleanup, add checks to arguments and responses, add log statements
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / common /
2005-06-20 gilbertcleanup, add checks to arguments and responses, add...
2005-06-17 gilbertUpdate to current Trust interface
2005-05-20 wassaMoved java src to apache license.
2005-05-18 cantorAdded dual version support.
2005-04-24 cantorAPI change in SAMLSubject
2005-03-28 cantorMismatched parameter.
2005-03-24 wassaSome small refactorings and cleanups.
2005-03-16 wassaOrganized imports.
2005-03-03 cantorMetadata support for old and new schemas, and API changes.
2005-03-01 wassaMove IdP toward using metadata to determine whether...
2005-02-28 wassaMore AA & HS unification (merged separate relying party...
2005-02-11 cantorPatches for opensaml profile/binding changes.