Clear statement parameters before new call.
[java-idp.git] / src / edu / internet2 / middleware / shibboleth / aa / attrresolv / provider /
2004-03-05 cantorClear statement parameters before new call.
2004-03-05 cantorInclude principal name in log message
2003-11-30 cantorLog name of connector when pool fails.
2003-11-13 cantorSwitched read-only and auto commit.
2003-11-13 cantorAdd validationQuery parameter.
2003-11-06 cantorAdded validation query so bad connections will drop.
2003-10-13 cantorAdded maxWait setting, fixed missing close statements...
2003-09-18 cantorFactored out BaseDataConnector class
2003-09-14 cantorSetting null parameters requires type-specific knowledge.
2003-09-14 cantorSubstitute principal multiple times.
2003-09-13 cantorSupport multiple rows, ordered/dup attribute values...
2003-09-13 cantorAdded support for data connector failover and property...
2003-08-22 wassaBetter automatic type conversion for Dependency Stateme...
2003-08-21 wassaCorrectly handle nulls for JDBC Connector dependencies.
2003-08-21 wassaMinor JDBC Connector bug fix.
2003-08-21 wassaFixed squelched error.
2003-08-20 wassaBeginnings of a Dependency Statement Creator for the...
2003-08-19 wassaMoved to use of prepared statements for JDBC connector.
2003-08-18 wassaLots of refactorings.
2003-08-11 cantorRevamped property/URL config, added parameter subst...
2003-08-11 cantorFixed row count handling
2003-08-10 cantorRevamped connection properties to accomodate more drivers.
2003-07-28 wassaFixed bug that caused search string to be corrupted...
2003-07-25 wassaRemoved bad javadoc.
2003-07-25 wassaMinor changes for clarity.
2003-07-25 wassaInitial import of JDBC Data Connector code from Dave...