Steven and I were both bufuddled by this error message. Make it easier to understand.
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2004-04-23 wassaSteven and I were both bufuddled by this error message...
2004-04-23 wassaAdded support for using the default relying party in...
2004-04-15 wassaUpdated transaction log.
2004-04-09 wassaMake sure that requesters aren't sending bogus subject...
2004-04-08 wassaFixed a bug where the AA was issuing assertions with...
2004-03-28 wassaMinimal transaction logging for the AA.
2004-03-28 wassaFix NullPonter and incorrect Relying Party selection...
2004-03-28 wassa1) The AA now validates service provider credentials...
2004-03-26 wassaFederation metadata is now used for Relying Party looku...
2004-03-17 wassaAdded support for AA response and assertion signatures.
2004-03-12 wassaFix bug where passThruErrors setting was being ignored.
2004-03-12 wassaErrors from requests with invalid subjects are now...
2004-02-16 nlevittConfigure logging with <Logging> element in origin...
2004-02-10 wassaFix background thread cleanup.
2004-02-04 wassaCode cleanups.
2004-02-04 wassaPatch from Noah. Push up refactoring for parsing of...
2004-02-04 wassaMoved away from internal use of java Properties.
2004-01-30 wassaAdded default configuration for Arp Engine.
2004-01-30 wassaPulled up parser loading into a base class.
2004-01-30 wassaConverted Arp Repository Factory and ARP Repositories...
2004-01-29 wassaConvert Attribute Resolver to new config.
2004-01-29 wassaAA compiles again.
2004-01-28 wassaFurther AA conversion.
2004-01-27 wassaBegin AA refactoring for multiple Name Formats and...
2003-10-13 cantorCheck for null resource before parsing
2003-10-04 cantorAdd a sanity check against Subject NameQualifier in...
2003-08-25 wassaAdded origin audit logging.
2003-07-12 cantorProvide support for other SAML NameID formats.
2003-06-18 wassaUpdated audience default to InQueue.
2003-06-11 wassaRemove stale default.
2003-06-11 wassaTrim trailing whitespace from config properties, since...
2003-05-30 wassaChanged the default and example audiences.
2003-05-23 wassaDowncase default InCommon URNs.
2003-05-21 wassaAA now properly responds to requests for specific attri...
2003-04-18 wassaBetter log message.
2003-04-16 wassaMoved to latest OpenSAML.
2003-04-07 wassaAA checks for new properties on startup.
2003-04-07 wassaStart of AA conversion to attribute resolver.
2003-03-04 wassaSend correct shar log message.
2003-02-27 wassaTake out message that logs before the map is set.
2003-02-21 wassaFix for pass-through exception code.
2003-02-21 wassaAdded pass-through logging option to AA.
2003-02-20 wassaChanged exception handling for invalid AQHs. Better...
2003-02-20 wassaAA checks for required configuration properties and...
2003-02-19 wassaExplicitly close some streams.
2003-02-19 wassaMade audience URIs configurable.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved handle secret keystore to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved ARP config to Classpath.
2003-02-18 wassaMoved origin properties file to classpath.
2003-02-11 wassaTweaked the log4j configuration a little and added...
2003-02-07 wassaMore Crypto Handle Repository work.
2003-02-06 wassaChanged HandleRepository interface to reference a speci...
2003-02-05 wassaOuch... take out that test Exception!!!
2003-02-04 wassaStarted to rework AA request error handling. Processin...
2003-01-31 wassaStarted to convert HS to new handle repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaNew Handle Repository interface.
2003-01-31 wassaFixed a silly mistake in a debugging message.
2003-01-31 wassaAA init cleanups.
2003-01-31 wassaMark servlet as unavailable if the ARP Engine cannot...
2003-01-31 wassaMore AA converstion to java properties configuration.
2003-01-30 wassaStarted moving options to java properties.
2003-01-29 wassaReplaced AA ARP processing.
2003-01-25 cantorFixed cast error.
2003-01-25 cantorDump more exception info on general errors.
2003-01-25 cantorImprove error handling, account for a missing attribute...
2003-01-25 cantorAlign with new SAML APIs.
2002-10-18 wassaImproved error messages.
2002-10-18 wassaAdded parameters for principal and credentials. This...
2002-09-17 wassaMore log interleaving.
2002-09-17 wassaCleanup of the interfaces to the Arp Repository.
2002-09-17 wassaChanged arp repository factory so that classes can...
2002-09-17 wassaJavadoc to correct location.
2002-09-17 wassaAdded log request interleaving.
2002-09-16 wassaAdded proper package names so that AA will compile...
2002-09-13 wassaBetter handling for non-existent GET implementation...
2002-06-26 doustiAdded more logging.
2002-06-25 doustiImproved HandleService processing
2002-06-25 wassaAdded Shibboleth license to java source files.
2002-06-24 doustiAdded title and auther for AA classes.
2002-06-24 doustiarps are read from a directory in servlet context now.
2002-06-23 doustiChanged how Handle problems are reported back.
2002-06-20 doustiAdded Logger.
2002-06-19 doustiMore fixes for error messages
2002-06-18 doustiAdded a debug statement
2002-06-18 doustiMoved the processing of the Handle to Servlet from...
2002-06-17 doustiAdded using HandleServer code
2002-06-12 doustiRearranged the SAML Failure again.
2002-06-12 doustimoved edu.internet2.middleware.eduPerson.Init.init();
2002-06-12 doustiChanges SAML Exception handling
2002-06-07 wassaUpdated package names so things will compile.
2002-06-07 doustiInitail Version