Removed 1.1 compatibility blackbox test.
[java-idp.git] / src / conf /
2006-05-24 wassaAdded the ability for the resolver to compute attribute...
2005-11-12 lajoieSDSS WAYF patch for multi-federation support
2005-09-30 gilbertSet endpoint URL and Entity Id to "replace.with.your...
2005-09-28 lajoieMajor WAYF code clean up removing needed for Digester...
2005-09-21 cantorAdded KeyDescriptor for AA in case it signs.
2005-09-19 gilbertAdd comments in C++ version of this file
2005-09-19 gilbertcreate separate sp.xml files for testing with IQ and...
2005-08-18 gilbertFeed configuration data to the RM
2005-07-25 wassaSynch with Rel_1_3.
2005-07-21 wassaAdded status handler to example config template.
2005-07-21 cantorChanged default handleTTL to 8 hours.
2005-07-21 cantorXML 1.1 is not well-supported by XSD at this time and...
2005-07-18 cantorSet default permanent cache life to a week.
2005-07-11 wassaOops... Out of date template name.
2005-07-11 gilbertmatch changes in build.xml
2005-07-08 wassaTemplate webapp name. Bugzilla #372
2005-07-08 wassaMore efficient regex?
2005-07-08 wassaLock down the SSO handler to more specific URLs. Bugzi...
2005-07-01 cantorAdded schemaHack to IQ example.
2005-06-28 gilbertIdP will now be at port 443
2005-06-21 gilbertReplace expired certificate
2005-06-21 cantorSynchronized/unioned SP endpoints and moved Java SSO...
2005-06-21 cantorUpdated certs.
2005-06-20 cantorRenewed for 25 years.
2005-06-15 cantorLower case a name.
2005-06-15 cantorExample AAP for E-Auth apps.
2005-06-14 cantorWas missing org/contact for SP.
2005-06-13 cantorPatch from SDSS
2005-06-09 cantorFixed inconsistent shib metadata prefix.
2005-06-09 cantorFixed inconsistent shib metadata prefix.
2005-06-09 gilbertNow that logger is implemented, it overrides. So it...
2005-06-09 gilbertrename to reflect logger use
2005-06-09 cantorAdded scope for wayf site.
2005-06-06 gilbertJKS versions of the distribute crt and key files
2005-06-06 gilbertinclude a sample log4j properties file
2005-06-01 gilbertAdd ports to URLs.
2005-06-01 gilbertFix minor issues, make xsd relative for editors
2005-06-01 gilbertNew 1.3 example configuration file for Java SP, mostly...
2005-05-31 cantorRemoved SP locations that only apply to IQ testing.
2005-05-31 cantorUpdated for new server.
2005-05-28 cantorCombine credential blocks.
2005-05-27 cantorUpdated comments.
2005-05-26 cantorAdded consumer services for wayf install of dummy SP.
2005-05-26 cantorBetter results if we add the Bossie intermediate
2005-05-25 wassaExample IdP with commented out inqueue examples and...
2005-05-25 wassaExample configuration uses pem instead of a java keysto...
2005-05-25 wassaUpdated build process per list suggestions.
2005-05-25 cantorFixed IdP metadata
2005-05-24 cantorAdded additional comments.
2005-05-23 cantorRenamed sites files to avoid colliding with 1.2, change...
2005-05-20 cantorAdded new targeted ID def
2005-05-19 wassaImplemented new persistent id attribute format in accor...
2005-05-19 cantorLatest starter set
2005-05-19 cantorObsolete examples.
2005-05-19 cantorUpdate metadata and example key references
2005-05-19 cantorExample metadata for default configuration.
2005-05-19 dummy keypair
2005-05-19 dummy keypair
2005-05-18 wassaFirst cut at an examle config for the 1.3 IdP.
2005-05-18 wassaNot used by the java code.
2005-05-18 wassaRemove 1.2 config example.
2005-05-18 wassaRemoved temporary config example.
2005-05-12 gilbertChange to new element name
2005-04-29 gilbertSwitch to new MetadataProvider syntax
2005-04-26 wassaMake the example metadata actually work for authN.
2005-03-30 gilbertRefine comments
2005-03-28 gilbertAdd updated IdP configuration elements
2005-03-22 gilbertIdP+SP configuration files for Example State U test
2005-03-09 cantorSync example policy
2005-03-09 cantorCorrect timestamp.
2005-03-06 cantorRenamed Domain extension to Scope, fixed AA role bug
2005-03-03 cantorLatest example SAML metadata.
2004-11-10 wassaClarified the fact that only one <Logging/> element...
2004-10-29 gilbertchange .target to .serviceprovider
2004-10-28 gilbertPartial Service Provider configuration files
2004-04-29 cantorAdded resolverConfig default.
2004-04-28 cantorForgot to move reference to example origin
2004-04-28 cantorRenamed metadata for IQ and sample keys
2004-04-22 cantorSome additional comments on behavior.
2004-04-17 cantorFixed ASC URLs for sample targets.
2004-04-16 cantorEmbed spaces in DNs
2004-04-16 cantorForgot to convert these providerIds
2004-04-16 cantorChanged default values
2004-04-14 cantorRelease the unscoped version by default, so it sends...
2004-04-14 cantorAdded comment.
2004-04-14 cantor*** empty log message ***
2004-04-14 cantorChanged from localhost in names, added comment.
2004-04-07 wassaShouldn't need the location anymore.
2004-04-07 cantorDefault key format changed
2004-04-07 cantorPut xsi schema hint back.
2004-03-29 cantorAttempt at a default "localhost" config
2004-03-29 cantorRemoved in favor of PEM files
2004-03-28 wassaUpdated example config.
2004-03-26 wassaAdd stub sites file. Before release this will be synch...
2004-03-25 wassaSchema support for federation metadata loading.
2004-03-10 wassaRemoved unecessary qualification of xml elements.
2004-02-16 nlevittConfigure logging with <Logging> element in origin...
2004-02-10 wassaMove shibdev cert/key to come from apache style files.
2004-01-29 wassaConvert Attribute Resolver to new config.