First stab at an example config file.
[java-idp.git] / src / conf / resolver.xml
2003-07-28 wassaMoved example standard directory attributes to ldap...
2003-07-24 cantorRenamed persistent ID.
2003-07-23 wassaAdded profiled ldap attributes to resolver config example.
2003-07-22 wassaAdded persistent id example to resolver.xml
2003-06-19 wassaFixed tab.
2003-06-19 wassaMade the resolver config commenting clearer, at Ryan...
2003-06-14 cantorForgot to comment out EPPN
2003-06-13 cantorUpdated attribute URIs.
2003-06-12 cantorComment out scoped attribute by default.
2003-06-10 wassaChange to new eduPerson URNs.
2003-04-18 wassaExample resolver.xml uses SampleConnector with std...
2003-04-07 wassaImport of attribute resolver code.