Template webapp name. Bugzilla #372
[java-idp.git] / src / conf / dist.idp.xml
2005-07-08 wassaTemplate webapp name. Bugzilla #372
2005-07-08 wassaMore efficient regex?
2005-07-08 wassaLock down the SSO handler to more specific URLs. Bugzi...
2005-07-01 cantorAdded schemaHack to IQ example.
2005-06-01 gilbertFix minor issues, make xsd relative for editors
2005-05-28 cantorCombine credential blocks.
2005-05-25 wassaExample IdP with commented out inqueue examples and...
2005-05-25 wassaExample configuration uses pem instead of a java keysto...
2005-05-25 wassaUpdated build process per list suggestions.