Synch up NameID encoder and principal connector examples
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2007-11-09 lajoieSynch up NameID encoder and principal connector examples
2007-11-06 lajoiePrevent logging messages from appearing twice
2007-11-06 lajoieCorrect package name of Shibboleth logger
2007-11-02 lajoietry that again
2007-11-02 lajoieFix relative URL for logo
2007-11-01 lajoieInclude full exception stacktrace in debug logging...
2007-11-01 lajoieChange IdP process log name to what it was before loggi...
2007-10-29 lajoieMerge in new logging system.
2007-10-24 wnorrislogin form should work out of the box for UserPassword...
2007-09-26 lajoieAdded comments for the commented out sections dealing...
2007-09-26 lajoiefix comment bug with example conf
2007-09-23 lajoieAdd credential definition examples
2007-09-22 putmanbFix typo.
2007-09-21 wnorriscomment out tomcat authentication stuff for now, since...
2007-09-21 wnorrisfix typo in class name
2007-09-15 lajoieAdd artifact map arg into constructors
2007-09-13 lajoieMake pages slightly prettier, but just slightly
2007-09-13 lajoieApparently velocity does inherit resource loading confi...
2007-09-13 lajoieKeep velocity from writting log files wherever the...
2007-09-13 lajoieAdd artifact resolution config profile to defaue config
2007-09-13 lajoieAdd in SAML 1 and 2 Artifact resolution profile handler...
2007-09-10 wnorriscleanup default configuration
2007-09-06 lajoieNo need to load SAML 1 artifact decoder, nothing sends...
2007-09-06 lajoieFix up replay cache and message replay rule test
2007-09-04 lajoieRemove logout method from Authn handler
2007-09-04 wnorrisrename config file to more accurate name
2007-08-31 lajoieUpdate config to synch up with current schema
2007-08-29 lajoieSynch up with schema changes
2007-08-29 lajoieWire in security policy appropriately
2007-08-29 lajoiecorrect security policy rule namespaces
2007-08-29 lajoieAdd in basic security policy
2007-08-29 rdwType $IDP_HOME needs to be $IDP_HOME$ or else the insta...
2007-08-26 rdwJIRA SIDP-33 (
2007-08-24 lajoieFix up config bugs
2007-08-23 lajoieSynch up with minor artifact map changes
2007-08-22 lajoieFix up some typos/bugs in config files and configuratio...
2007-08-22 lajoieMake install the default build target
2007-08-22 lajoieCorrect namespace of credential elements
2007-08-22 lajoieInit OpenSAML lib via default bootstrapper
2007-08-19 putmanbAdd Shib metadata extensions config file to Spring...
2007-08-18 lajoieCode clean up
2007-08-03 lajoieRemove in-config logging configuration elements and...
2007-08-02 lajoieAdditional configuration for Username/Password authenti...
2007-07-28 lajoiesave... then commit
2007-07-28 lajoieJAAS based username/password authentication
2007-07-16 lajoieRenamed URL metadata providers to HTTP metadata provide...
2007-07-13 lajoiepolish up default configs for alpha release
2007-07-08 lajoieAdd support for an explicit set of outgoing bindings
2007-07-03 lajoieAdd role information
2007-07-03 lajoieoopss, forgot to save first
2007-07-03 lajoieFlesh out security constraints a bit more
2007-06-28 lajoieDeclare tempalting engine used by LDAP and RDMBS connectors
2007-06-27 lajoieMistakenly used SAML 1 query as top level request eleme...
2007-06-22 lajoieAdd name identifier encoders on UID example
2007-06-21 lajoieFix orphaned closing tag
2007-06-21 lajoiefix namespace of encoder type
2007-06-21 lajoieAdd missing scope attribute to example
2007-06-20 lajoiecomment out examples like in other files
2007-06-20 lajoieImprove example configs
2007-06-20 lajoieImprove example config
2007-06-19 lajoieBug fixing - round two... now with working shib SSO
2007-06-19 lajoieHook in SAML 1 goodness
2007-06-19 lajoieDon't include log4j jar in WAR (does bad things to...
2007-06-18 lajoieMore work on authentication handlers; should be complet...
2007-06-17 lajoieDrive relying party endpoint selection off of metadata
2007-06-16 lajoieMore work on SSO, now with basic unit tests (which...
2007-06-08 lajoieConfiguration code for SAML 2 SSO profile handler
2007-06-04 lajoiePolicy based NameID format and assertion signing code
2007-05-29 lajoieMissed a couple files on last checkin
2007-05-28 lajoieBunch o' bug fixes, all IdP configuration files now...
2007-05-27 lajoieConfiguration message encoder, decoders, and SAML2...
2007-05-22 lajoieFix schema type extension.... request dispatching...
2007-05-22 lajoieSynch with new profile handler class hierarchy
2007-05-21 lajoieProperly build WAR and install $IDP_HOME
2007-05-20 lajoieRemove old web pages
2007-05-20 lajoieInitial configuration code for profile handlers
2007-05-20 lajoieStart of schema for profile handlers
2007-05-19 lajoiemove configuration files into a conf directory (which...
2007-05-16 lajoieIdP config schema and example
2007-02-05 lajoieStart of 2.0 idp config
2007-01-28 lajoieAlign project layout and build files (round 1)