NPE when previous session + passive auth is used
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2008-03-15 lajoieMoved supported name format determination code up into...
2008-03-14 cantorAdjust order of NameID encoders for transient IDs so...
2008-03-11 lajoiedoument some default properties
2008-03-11 lajoieinclude ePTID examples from Ian
2008-03-11 lajoieDon't load IdP MD by default
2008-03-10 lajoiefix typo
2008-03-10 lajoiefix typo
2008-03-03 lajoieEnabled fallback PKIX validation in default config
2008-03-02 lajoieUse shib servlet context attribute exporter as it is...
2008-03-01 lajoieFix up attribute/LDAP names
2008-02-27 lajoierevert to use non-PKIX rules until type mismatches...
2008-02-27 lajoieEnable PKIX based trust evaluation
2008-02-26 lajoieexplicitly state support for unspec name ID format
2008-02-26 lajoieMinor changes to default filter per Ian's suggestions
2008-02-26 lajoieAdd bit of verbiage about back button
2008-02-25 lajoieplace NameIDFormat elements in correct location
2008-02-25 lajoieAdd a few comments
2008-02-23 wnorrisadd IP Address Authn Handler implementation (SIDP-5)
2008-02-20 lajoieAllow logging of inbound and outbound protocol messages
2008-02-20 lajoieMinor error page fixup
2008-02-19 lajoieconstruct ePPN from UID in the example config
2008-02-19 lajoieAdd explicit PreviousSession support
2008-02-18 lajoieAdd default NameID encoder for SAML 2 when no name...
2008-02-18 lajoieand revert
2008-02-18 lajoiecheck naming option
2008-02-18 lajoieFix typo in default config
2008-02-17 lajoiefixup default config
2008-02-17 lajoieFirst pass to clean up config and fix multi serivce...
2008-02-12 lajoieAdd documentation
2008-02-12 lajoieRemove whitespace between logging messages
2008-02-09 lajoieBit of configuration code cleanup
2008-01-29 lajoieClean up error pages.
2008-01-24 lajoieCorrect unspec name id format
2008-01-23 lajoieMinor default config file changes
2008-01-22 lajoieDisplay nicer error page if exceptions are thrown by...
2008-01-22 lajoieCorrect default config typo
2008-01-21 lajoieMove signature validation filter into individual metada...
2008-01-21 lajoieBetter comment on metadata trust engine
2008-01-21 lajoieAdd in signature validation as default metadata filter
2008-01-18 lajoieHandler to server up IdP metadata, not added to default...
2008-01-17 lajoieNew IdP install process
2008-01-16 lajoieMove logging elements that user may need to change...
2008-01-15 putmanbChange name of existing trust engine configuration...
2008-01-12 lajoieAdd some error to deal with uncaught exceptions and...
2008-01-11 lajoieChanges for Nate. :)
2008-01-11 lajoiebump max number of parsers available
2008-01-11 lajoieDisallow all doctypes. There seems to be no combinatio...
2008-01-11 lajoieSignificantly decrease number of allowed entity expansi...
2008-01-10 lajoieFix typo
2008-01-10 lajoieAllow login.jsp tobe used by either container or IdP...
2008-01-10 lajoieBind session to request once authentication is complete
2008-01-10 lajoieFix typo
2008-01-10 lajoieLots of session management cleanup; no longer dependent...
2008-01-10 lajoieclean up example file a bit
2008-01-10 lajoieAdd config for rule required flag
2008-01-10 lajoieAdd SAML 1, 2 unspecified name ID encoders and principa...
2008-01-09 lajoieComment out most of the examples. The example resolver...
2008-01-09 lajoieRemove unused decoder
2008-01-09 lajoieSynch up with artifact map changes
2008-01-09 lajoieA couple changes so that big ugly config errors are...
2008-01-08 lajoieEnable SAML profiles on default endpoint
2008-01-07 lajoieAdd schema validation metadata filter (commented out)
2008-01-07 lajoiecomment out signature validation rule, not ready for...
2008-01-07 lajoieFix up some typos and synch up with minor schema file...
2008-01-06 lajoiefix typo
2008-01-05 lajoieAdd simple sign as supported outbound binding
2008-01-05 lajoieMinor default config fix ups
2008-01-03 lajoieFix-up some default/example configs
2008-01-03 lajoieSmall default config updates
2007-12-31 lajoieAdd container session listener that will destroy IdP...
2007-12-27 lajoieTry to limit Xerces from pulling in external system...
2007-12-15 lajoiecorrect typo
2007-12-12 lajoieAdd xerces security manager to pool parsers - fixed...
2007-12-06 lajoieSynch up capitalization with SP
2007-12-06 lajoiefix typo in name of SAML 2 transient principal connector
2007-12-06 lajoiefix up examples of scoped attributes
2007-12-04 lajoieAdd SAML match functions into example config
2007-12-03 lajoiefix typos
2007-12-03 lajoieanother typo
2007-12-03 lajoiecorrect a couple typos in example files
2007-11-30 lajoieBetter example resolver and filter files
2007-11-19 lajoieRemove example of inline credentials
2007-11-19 putmanbAdd in sec pol rule for HTTP-POST-SimpleSign binding.
2007-11-19 putmanbUpdate config with decoders, encoders and profile handl...
2007-11-18 putmanbFix explicit key credential trust engine to be an Expli...
2007-11-16 putmanbFix typos in Spring id's.
2007-11-14 putmanbFix typo in example.
2007-11-13 lajoieAdd in trust engines and crypto-related security policies
2007-11-12 putmanbFix other logging category typo related to r2464.
2007-11-12 lajoieCorrect spelling error for access log category
2007-11-12 lajoiePut rolled log files into the log directory
2007-11-09 wnorrisfix login form, and allow a couple of parameters to...
2007-11-09 lajoieFix copy-paste error
2007-11-09 lajoieSynch up NameID encoder and principal connector examples
2007-11-06 lajoiePrevent logging messages from appearing twice
2007-11-06 lajoieCorrect package name of Shibboleth logger
2007-11-02 lajoietry that again
2007-11-02 lajoieFix relative URL for logo
2007-11-01 lajoieInclude full exception stacktrace in debug logging...
2007-11-01 lajoieChange IdP process log name to what it was before loggi...