NPE when previous session + passive auth is used
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2008-02-26 lajoieAdd bit of verbiage about back button
2008-02-20 lajoieMinor error page fixup
2008-01-29 lajoieClean up error pages.
2008-01-12 lajoieAdd some error to deal with uncaught exceptions and...
2008-01-10 lajoieFix typo
2008-01-10 lajoieAllow login.jsp tobe used by either container or IdP...
2007-11-09 wnorrisfix login form, and allow a couple of parameters to...
2007-11-02 lajoietry that again
2007-11-02 lajoieFix relative URL for logo
2007-10-29 lajoieMerge in new logging system.
2007-10-24 wnorrislogin form should work out of the box for UserPassword...
2007-09-13 lajoieMake pages slightly prettier, but just slightly
2007-08-02 lajoieAdditional configuration for Username/Password authenti...
2007-07-28 lajoieJAAS based username/password authentication
2007-06-19 lajoieHook in SAML 1 goodness
2007-05-21 lajoieProperly build WAR and install $IDP_HOME
2007-05-20 lajoieRemove old web pages
2007-01-28 lajoieAlign project layout and build files (round 1)