Move signature validation filter into individual metadata providers
[java-idp.git] / resources / conf / relying-party.xml
2008-01-21 lajoieMove signature validation filter into individual metada...
2008-01-21 lajoieBetter comment on metadata trust engine
2008-01-21 lajoieAdd in signature validation as default metadata filter
2008-01-17 lajoieNew IdP install process
2008-01-15 putmanbChange name of existing trust engine configuration...
2008-01-11 lajoieChanges for Nate. :)
2008-01-10 lajoieclean up example file a bit
2008-01-10 lajoieAdd config for rule required flag
2008-01-08 lajoieEnable SAML profiles on default endpoint
2008-01-07 lajoieAdd schema validation metadata filter (commented out)
2008-01-07 lajoiecomment out signature validation rule, not ready for...
2008-01-07 lajoieFix up some typos and synch up with minor schema file...
2008-01-03 lajoieFix-up some default/example configs
2008-01-03 lajoieSmall default config updates
2007-11-19 lajoieRemove example of inline credentials
2007-11-19 putmanbAdd in sec pol rule for HTTP-POST-SimpleSign binding.
2007-11-18 putmanbFix explicit key credential trust engine to be an Expli...
2007-11-16 putmanbFix typos in Spring id's.
2007-11-13 lajoieAdd in trust engines and crypto-related security policies
2007-09-26 lajoiefix comment bug with example conf
2007-09-23 lajoieAdd credential definition examples
2007-09-13 lajoieAdd artifact resolution config profile to defaue config
2007-09-10 wnorriscleanup default configuration
2007-09-06 lajoieNo need to load SAML 1 artifact decoder, nothing sends...
2007-08-31 lajoieUpdate config to synch up with current schema
2007-08-29 lajoieSynch up with schema changes
2007-08-29 lajoieWire in security policy appropriately
2007-08-29 lajoiecorrect security policy rule namespaces
2007-08-29 lajoieAdd in basic security policy
2007-08-22 lajoieCorrect namespace of credential elements
2007-07-16 lajoieRenamed URL metadata providers to HTTP metadata provide...
2007-07-13 lajoiepolish up default configs for alpha release
2007-06-20 lajoiecomment out examples like in other files
2007-06-20 lajoieImprove example config
2007-06-19 lajoieBug fixing - round two... now with working shib SSO
2007-06-19 lajoieDon't include log4j jar in WAR (does bad things to...
2007-05-28 lajoieBunch o' bug fixes, all IdP configuration files now...
2007-05-19 lajoiemove configuration files into a conf directory (which...