fix typo
[java-idp.git] / resources / conf / attribute-resolver.xml
2008-01-06 lajoiefix typo
2008-01-05 lajoieMinor default config fix ups
2008-01-03 lajoieFix-up some default/example configs
2007-12-06 lajoiefix typo in name of SAML 2 transient principal connector
2007-12-06 lajoiefix up examples of scoped attributes
2007-12-03 lajoiecorrect a couple typos in example files
2007-11-30 lajoieBetter example resolver and filter files
2007-11-14 putmanbFix typo in example.
2007-11-09 lajoieFix copy-paste error
2007-11-09 lajoieSynch up NameID encoder and principal connector examples
2007-09-22 putmanbFix typo.
2007-09-10 wnorriscleanup default configuration
2007-08-26 rdwJIRA SIDP-33 (
2007-08-22 lajoieFix up some typos/bugs in config files and configuratio...
2007-08-22 lajoieMake install the default build target
2007-07-13 lajoiepolish up default configs for alpha release
2007-06-22 lajoieAdd name identifier encoders on UID example
2007-06-21 lajoieFix orphaned closing tag
2007-06-21 lajoiefix namespace of encoder type
2007-06-21 lajoieAdd missing scope attribute to example
2007-06-20 lajoieImprove example configs
2007-06-19 lajoieDon't include log4j jar in WAR (does bad things to...
2007-05-28 lajoieBunch o' bug fixes, all IdP configuration files now...
2007-05-19 lajoiemove configuration files into a conf directory (which...