Minor changes to default filter per Ian's suggestions
[java-idp.git] / resources / conf / attribute-filter.xml
2008-02-26 lajoieMinor changes to default filter per Ian's suggestions
2008-01-09 lajoieComment out most of the examples. The example resolver...
2007-12-04 lajoieAdd SAML match functions into example config
2007-12-03 lajoiefix typos
2007-12-03 lajoieanother typo
2007-12-03 lajoiecorrect a couple typos in example files
2007-11-30 lajoieBetter example resolver and filter files
2007-07-13 lajoiepolish up default configs for alpha release
2007-06-20 lajoiecomment out examples like in other files
2007-06-20 lajoieImprove example configs
2007-05-28 lajoieBunch o' bug fixes, all IdP configuration files now...
2007-05-19 lajoiemove configuration files into a conf directory (which...