Fix response and assertion signing defaults - SC-116
[java-idp.git] / pom.xml
2010-11-10 lajoieupdate version numbers
2010-09-23 lajoieUpdate POMs for release
2010-08-24 lajoieFix up config typos and loggin configs
2010-08-23 lajoieUpdate 3rd party libs - SIDP-402
2010-02-11 lajoieAdd start time and uptime to status page - SIDP-365
2009-11-04 lajoieUpdate shib common version
2009-10-27 lajoie
2009-10-12 lajoieLeave out checkstyle checks during release phase for now
2009-10-12 lajoieOverride VT LDAP version included in shib-common
2009-09-24 lajoieBe sure to remove LoginContext from StorageService...
2009-08-27 wnorrisadd schema information to POM
2009-08-20 lajoiefix typo
2009-08-19 lajoieDon't pull in two versions of bouncycastle
2009-08-18 lajoieFix warning about character encoding during build
2009-07-17 lajoiefix links
2009-07-17 lajoielink in some external project's javadocs
2009-07-06 lajoieParameterize release repository URL
2009-06-30 lajoieFix SIDP-261
2009-04-03 lajoieget rid of really annoying 100 character warning when...
2009-03-03 lajoieUpdate libs for 2.1.3 release - SIDP-291
2009-01-13 lajoieLog JAAS exception occurring during login - SIDP274
2008-12-15 lajoieFix NPE in container-managed loging error page
2008-11-27 lajoieBump version numbers to pick up patch levels
2008-11-26 lajoieIdPSessionFilter throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException...
2008-11-03 lajoiewrong dependency scope
2008-11-03 lajoieEnsure the servlet API (needed by the aacli) is on...
2008-10-06 lajoieIncrease max memory available during tests
2008-09-19 lajoieInclude Shib JCE extensions in distribution - SIDP-215
2008-09-16 lajoieAdd version and supported specification information...
2008-07-19 lajoieRemove duplicated dependencies
2008-04-17 lajoieAdd distro management configs
2008-04-13 lajoieClean up assemblies
2008-04-12 lajoiecorrect groupId
2008-04-12 lajoieFirst part of mavenizing IdP