Patches for opensaml profile/binding changes.
[java-idp.git] / lib /
2005-02-11 cantor*** empty log message ***
2005-02-11 cantorUpdating libraries.
2005-02-03 gilbertSupport reserving SessionId before WAYF Redirect
2005-01-27 gilbertOpenSAML changes for JAXP 1.3
2005-01-09 wassaRev' opensaml version to take advantange of atifact...
2005-01-06 wassaChecked in the latest build of the shib-filter project...
2004-10-28 gilbertXML Bean libraries
2004-10-08 wassaRev'd commons pool and dbcp libs.
2004-04-17 cantorShould be the "final" 1.1 release.
2004-04-16 cantorNew SAML and xmlsec jars.
2004-04-15 wassaXalan is needed by the metadata tool for signing.
2004-04-13 wassaUpdated to xmlsec 1.1 candidate.
2004-03-29 cantorSource jars.
2004-03-26 wassaRev opensaml.
2004-03-16 cantorUpdating commons pooling support.
2004-01-16 cantorUpdated build
2003-12-16 cantorUpdate to a recent xmlsec build.
2003-09-14 cantorNeed for resolvertest
2003-07-18 wassaAdded libs for resolver test command line program.
2003-07-18 wassaOuch. Don't use GPL library.
2003-07-17 wassaAdded test program for the Attribute Resolver.
2003-06-09 wassaAdded bouncy castle back for use by extkeytool. The...
2003-05-28 wassaForce endorsement for tests.
2003-04-26 cantorNeed DOM3 interfaces, so another Xerces update is needed.
2003-04-24 cantorUpdating to Xerces 2.4.0
2003-04-24 cantorRemoved in favor of Sun version
2003-02-26 wassaRev servlet API so that we get servlet filter support.
2003-02-21 wassaAdded generator for Crypto Handle Repository secret.
2003-01-24 wassaAdd source for xerces.
2003-01-22 wassaUpdated libraries.
2003-01-21 wassaUpdated some libraries.
2002-12-20 wassaUpdated junit.
2002-11-06 wassaAdding bc jce implementation to the /lib directory...
2002-08-02 wassaUpdating source jars and eclipse config to match recent...
2002-07-27 cantorUpgrading to newer version
2002-06-24 wassaFinished adding ArpUtil unix script.
2002-06-19 wassaAdded source for the Apache Commons Digester.
2002-06-13 wassaMoved ldap.jar so it will be included in war.
2002-06-13 doustiAdd ldap.jar. Needed for AA to access ldap
2002-06-13 wassaChanged xml jars to be a part of the war.
2002-06-11 wassaMoved to Servlet 2.2 spec jar for compatibility with...
2002-06-10 wassaAdded source for xml-security library.
2002-06-06 wassaSynced libraries with OpenSAML
2002-06-06 wassaMoved to new version of xerces
2002-05-28 wassaImporting Handle Service code.